Dream of: 01 September 1996 (2) "Harding"

I was thinking about the dreams which I sent out over the Internet and some of the titles which I had given to them. I was wondering about the number of syllables in the titles, whether some words might be too long. For example, it seemed I had titled one of my dreams "California," and I wondered if the word "California" was too long.

I was also thinking about the name which I used on the Internet: "Vogelein." Donna Griffiths (with whom I had been exchanging dreams by email) knew Vogelein was a pen name, and she had become particularly curious about my real name. I really had no desire to tell her my real name, but since she had become so persistent, I thought perhaps I would make up another name and substitute it for "Vogelein," perhaps even telling Donna the second name was my real name.

Almost instantly a name came to mind: "Harding." I could call myself Steven Harding. I liked the sound of it. I knew the German word for "thing" was "Ding." Thus the underlying meaning of the word would be "hard thing." It was even better that the "d" was both the last letter of the word "hard" and the first letter of "ding," because only the astute would use the letter in both words and come up with the meaning.

I also liked the name because I knew one of the United States presidents had been named Harding, so the name would be respectable. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I just wondered if Donna would believe that this was really my name, or I would ultimately have to tell her what my name really was.

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