Dream of: 01 September 1996 "Exciting Times"

My old friend Ramey and I were riding through the streets of Portsmouth in a car which he was driving. In an excellent mood, happy to see Ramey again, I asked him if he ever thought about when we had been teenagers and used to hang around together; he said he did. I told him those had been the best times of my life, and I thought back nostalgically about how utterly wild we had been. Now, almost 25 years later, it was almost incomprehensible the things we had done. Life had been a party, and our main concern had been to keep the party going constantly. For a couple years we successfully avoided responsibility, and our main energy had been focused on having a good time. We sustained ourselves with sex, drugs and rock and roll, and all had been in ample supply.

I knew Ramey's life had diverged dramatically from mine. During those wild couple years I had dealt some marijuana and LSD, even making several exciting and frightening runs to Mexico to pick up pot, but I knew that in 1972 I had phased out of the drug business and had never sold drugs again. It seemed to me that Ramey, on the other hand, had never stopped dealing drugs, and that he was still in the business, now on a larger and much more dangerous scale. Just being with him now brought back the memories of the excitement of dealing drugs, an excitement the likes of which I had never found an equal.

We pulled up to a house and got out of the car. Ramey had taken me into his confidence that I was going to be meeting some of his high level suppliers. I was surprised that Ramey would be introducing me to these people, but obviously he trusted me, knowing I would never turn him in.

We were admitted into the house, into the living room, where three strong healthy men were standing. Since they immediately wanted to know who I was, I introduced myself. They weren't pleased that Ramey had brought an unknown person to their house, and I tried to assuage their fears, assuring them that I could be trusted. I explained that it was I in fact who had introduced Ramey to dealing drugs those many years ago, and that even though I hadn't dealt any drugs in so many years, I understood the need for secrecy.

Surprisingly, the men seemed satisfied with Ramey's judgment and allowed me to stay. I sat down on the couch and watched them as they discussed a project on which they were working. They were planning to smuggle some marijuana from Mexico. Standing in the room was a large wooden clothes cabinet which stood about two meters tall, and consisted of six or seven large drawers. They had pulled out one drawer and were showing Ramey that they had moved the back wall of the drawer forward, leaving a space at the rear of the drawer of about 30 centimeters in length where they were going to stash the marijuana; they planned to do this with all the drawers. I didn't say anything, but I was thinking they would certainly need to be very careful in preparing the drawers. They would have to make sure that when they did all the carpentry work on the drawers, there wouldn't be the slightest indication that any changes had been made in the structure of the drawers. It seemed risky to me, but it just might work.

Once they had shown Ramey the cabinet, the men decided they needed to go somewhere and take Ramey with them. Again I was surprised when they told me that I could stay there alone in the house and that they would soon return. They left and I settled down on the couch, left to my thoughts.

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