Dream of: 30 August 1996 "Number One Hits"

I had learned that Barford (with whom I had been exchanging dreams by email), had a record collection of number one hits. I knew that I myself had such a collection, and I was surprised to learn that Barford had a similar collection. It seemed that there might be some other people who also had such a collection, but it was Barford's collection which most interested me.

Barford and I had been discussing and comparing our collections, and we had decided to combine the two collections. Or at least we were going to combine the collections to a certain extent. I knew I had quite an impressive collection of 78rpm and 45rpm records which had topped the charts. My collection extended back to the beginning of the century and included many hits which most people had never heard of. This collection had brought me a great amount of pleasure, allowing me to hear the most popular songs of times gone by, beautiful songs that were all but forgotten.

Although my collection was extensive, there were still gaps, and I hoped that if Barford and I combined our collections, we could close the gaps. However I was still uncertain of the extent of Barford's collection. I knew his collection included 45rpm records, but I was uncertain if his 45rpm collection began in the late 1940s, when the first 45rpm records came out, or if his 45rpm records began in 1955 with the beginning of rock and roll.

I was also uncertain whether his number one hits extended back to the era of 78rpm records. There were so many musicians who were once so popular who had recorded on 78rpm records and were now mostly forgotten. The musician Artie Shaw came to mind. I wondered if Barford even knew who Artie Shaw was. Certainly few people would know. I myself was uncertain exactly when Artie Shaw had had his number one records. I knew he had recorded on 78rpm, but I thought he might have also recorded on 45rpm. I wondered if Barford would know.

It would be interesting to see just what Barford did and didn't know about pre-1950 number one hits. And I hoped it would prove interesting to combine our collections. I knew it would be a tedious job, going through all the records and combining the two collections. But I thought when we were finally finished, it would be worth it.

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