Dream of: 26 August 1996 "ABC"

I was looking at a the cover of a record album which I had bought. The album was by the Jackson 5, and was titled "ABC," apparently because the song by the same name was on the album. As I held the album in my hand and looked at the front cover, I made a pleasant discovery: the album wasn't made of cardboard, but of wood. Looking more closely, I also realized that the colorful cover had actually been hand-painted, and that all the design of the cover had been carved by hand. This was obviously no ordinary cover, and was probably quite valuable.

Carolina was in the room and I beckoned her to take a look at the cover. When she came to me and began looking at it, I pointed out how intricate and detailed the carving on the front was and how brilliant the colors were. I then proceeded to open the cover and show her the inside. The cover was divided into two panels – one on the right and one on the left. The panels opened from the middle as if they had hinges on their sides, just as you might pull open the doors of a cabinet. Once the panels were opened, an even more elaborate carved and painted scene was revealed on the interior of the panels and on the central, inside back-panel.

First at the bottom, I pointed out to Carolina a picture of a reclining nude woman which stretched across the entire length of the two side panels and the central back-panel. The nude was in the style of a Renaissance painting, and indeed it appeared that it might actually have been a picture which had been cut from a book or magazine and pasted on the album in the style of a collage.

I pointed out the top of the left panel, where the most elaborate carving was. There could be seen a balcony, such as might be found on a medieval castle. Inside the balcony was a carving of a beautiful woman. The skill used on the carving was amazing, for the balcony was surrounded by trellises, so that the artist who had made this had actually had to carve behind the trellises to carve the woman.

We turned our gaze to the top of the central panel, to try to comprehend the theme of work. Although not entirely clear to me, the carving seemed to portray the interior of a house; and the more I looked at it, the more I had a vision of a house. What I most noticed was that the design of the house was a design I found very intriguing as one which I might like to have for a house of my own.

The salient feature of the house was that it only had two rooms – one downstairs and one upstairs. The downstairs room was extremely large, encompassing the entire living area of the house as well as the kitchen. It occurred to me that this would be a very workable design for my and Carolina's lifestyle. We really didn't need a lot of separate rooms. We especially didn't need a separate kitchen, nor for that matter a kitchen table since we almost never ate at the table. For us, the kitchen seemed more functional being incorporated into the rest of the house, because that was the way we used the kitchen. We didn't eat meals in the traditional sense of preparing a meal and sitting down to eat, but rather carried whatever food we had prepared to whatever room in which we happened to be doing something. Just having one big room including the kitchen seemed like a refreshingly workable idea.

The second room upstairs would be one large bedroom. I couldn't see it clearly, but I did see that it had a balcony which looked out onto the downstairs room, and I liked that idea. I thought if I were going to build a house, this was a plan I would keep in mind.

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