Dream of: 25 August 1996 "Paralyzed With Fear"

I was in Portsmouth, driving a car which my father had recently given me. My father and my mother were both in the car with me. I had been quite unhappy with the car since I had received it. I had just had to pay $800 to have the air conditioner repaired, and now something else was wrong with the car. My father seemed to think he knew where I could have the problem fixed, and he directed me to a place on Ninth Street, exactly on a lot where he used to own three rental houses which had been torn down long ago.

When we arrived, we all stepped out of the car and a mechanic walked up to look at it. He quickly discovered a problem and then saw another apparent problem which he began to look at. I stopped him and told him I didn't want him to do any repair work without his first telling me how much it was going to cost. I had learned in the past to never authorize repair work without first being told the cost. He quickly told me it wouldn't cost anything for him to just look, so I let him go ahead.

As I stood waiting, I looked across the street to a corner lot which almost looked like a small park shaded with large trees. I immediately recognized this lot because I had visited it once before and had found it to be singularly curious. I pointed the lot out to my mother, and I asked her if she would like to walk across the street and visit it with me. When she seemed undecided, I began explaining why the lot was so peculiar.

When I had been in high school and had been living in Portsmouth as a teenager, I had had a friend named Tindall. Tindall's mother, Mrs. Tindall, had become friends with my mother during the same time. I had only seen Tindall once during the last 20 years, and hadn't seen Mrs. Tindall at all during that time. When I had recently visited this corner lot, however, I had discovered that Mrs. Tindall had been working on the lot and had built a very strange structure there.

Right in the middle of the lot, Mrs. Tindall had dug out a round hole about two meters in diameter. The hole appeared to be shored up by rocks and was probably about two meters deep. The first time I had come to the lot and looked down into the hole, I had seen that it had a number of brass or bronze metal objects or relics sitting around down in the bottom. This had all seemed extraordinary to me because it made absolutely no sense. I could conceive of no reason why Mrs. Tindall would have created such a structure, shrine-like in design and feel, right here in the middle of town on a vacant lot. I was anxious for my mother to see the structure to see what she would think.

By the time my mother and I crossed the street and reached the vacant lot, it didn't occur to me to consider it as unusual or strange that Tindall had appeared from nowhere, had climbed onto my back, and was now hanging on to me as tightly as a monkey. Nor did I find it odd that when I reached the hole, it had a lid on it, and that as I bent over, Tindall reached out and raised the lid. What I did find strange was what I now saw in the hole. There I saw a pale blue and white blanket which appeared to be covering something which oddly resembled a human body. Tindall immediately dropped the lid and I backed up. I was terrified by what I had seen, yet my curiosity got the best of me, and as I bent over again, I asked Tindall to once more raise the lid.

This time he raised the lid all the way off the hole, and I had a clear view of what was lying there. What I saw filled me with terror. It was a paralyzing terror, such as I had rarely, if ever felt. I couldn't speak or move, but could only stand and stare.

From the hole, the blanket, and what appeared to be the body beneath it, had begun to slowly rise straight up in the air, with the body remaining in its prone horizontal position. When the body was about two meters above the ground, hovering in the air with the draped blanket hanging from it, the body, rigid as a board, began to slowly rise up onto its feet. When the body was almost vertical, the blanket slowly fell from the body to the ground, revealing the full figure of the body before me, hovering two meters off the ground in mid air.

I was filled with unspeakable terror. Yet other than the total unreality of what I was seeing, there was nothing in the body to engender such fear. Indeed, the body I saw before me was of noble appearance. It was of a strong, stalwart man, obviously in the prime of old age, with curly black and gray hair, somewhat of the aspect of an ancient Greek. His eyes were closed and he was unmoving, not threatening me in any way. Yet my horror was intense. The very idea that I was witnessing what appeared to be a dead man, floating in the air in front of me, was alone enough to paralyze me with fear.

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