Dream of: 24 August 1996 "Cure For Depression"

I was in a classroom, waiting for a class to begin. I was standing next to a table on which was sitting an oblong bowl. Since I had a little time before class, I decided to use the bowl for something which I had recently learned how to do, something which I found quite refreshing. I reached into my pants pocket, and one after the other I began pulling out small figures of little birds, about an inch or two tall. All the birds looked as if they were made of silver or pewter, and were quite intricate in design. One by one I began placing the birds in the bowl, carefully arranging them there, until I had nine or ten of the sitting around the inside perimeter of the bowl. For some reason this activity made me feel particularly young and energetic.

A man who had apparently been watching me walked up and said he had heard of this activity before. He said there was even a word to describe what I was doing, and as well as I could tell, he said the word was something like "cursigenerous" or "cursigeneric." I corrected him and said I had heard of the word, but that the word he used wasn't correct, that the correct word was "viparous." But to myself, I was uncertain of whether I in fact was correct. It seemed to me that the word "aviparous" might have something to do with bees instead of birds.

The man continued talking, insisting that his word was correct. He said the word was used to describe a means of relieving depression by working with birds. I tried to reflect on what he was saying. It occurred to me that I never became depressed. Or at least, if I ever did become depressed, nothing seemed to help. I couldn't figure out which it was. At any rate, working with the birds didn't seem to me to have any effect on depression. I simply liked working with the birds because it made me feel good. And I knew that at the moment I felt quite good, far from being depressed.

As we were still waiting for class to begin, the man mentioned that he had a small pamphlet which contained some of the material which was to be studied today in the class. He had several of the pamphlets and was selling them for twenty-three cents apiece. I really didn't want to buy one of the pamphlets, but I decided I really needed one, and so began pulling change out of my pockets. But as I held the change in my hand, I realized I had nothing but foreign coins, quite a mixture from many different countries. I saw some British money, some Mexican, and even a Dutch guilder. I told the man I had been to a lot of different countries in my life, and that was why I had so much foreign money. I held up the guilder and told the man if I could just remember how much a Dutch guilder was worth, I could pay him with that. But I couldn't remember.

Just then the teacher came in, a tall thin intelligent-looking woman dressed in a long pastel brown dress. I quickly took my seat without having bought the pamphlet, and the teacher immediately began asking questions. I was sitting in the front row, and my view of the teacher was partially blocked by some kind of cart on wheels which was sitting right in front of a girl in her late teens who was sitting on my right. I asked the girl if I could move the cart, and she snootily replied that her books were on it. So I didn't try to move it. But it was only a few minutes before the teacher walked over toward us and moved the cart herself. The girl made an ugly face as she took the books from the cart and held them in her hands.

Now the teacher was standing right in front of me, and she began talking straight to me. I remembered that I had earlier been taking with the teacher before the class, and now I saw that the teacher apparently had been quite impressed with me, because she was going on about how astute and clever I was. I was flattered, but I really didn't want to hear all of this, and right in the middle of her compliments, I said, "Security of the nation."

This statement was in response to a question the teacher had asked before she had begun lauding me. The teacher had asked what was the main purpose of the economic system in the United States. The teacher seemed quite impressed with my penetrating understanding, that I had been able to grasp that the major purpose of the American economic system was to insure the security of the country.

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