Dream of: 23 August 1996 "Take Time To Be Holy"

I was looking through a window into the night, where a full orange moon was hanging in the sky. Struck by the size and beauty of the orb, I began concentrating on it until I perceived something quite peculiar about it: the moon had lines going through it like a puzzle. Indeed, concentrating more, I could see all the individual interlocking puzzle pieces, especially the one right in the center of the moon. I was fascinated that the moon could have been carved up like a puzzle; yet still I couldn't logically accept this idea. It occurred to me that perhaps the moon wasn't really cut up like a puzzle at all, but that men had been sent to the moon and had dug trenches all over its face so that it would appear on earth as if the moon looked like a puzzle. This seemed like a workable hypothesis, but it still didn't make any sense. Why would anyone want to make the moon look like a puzzle?

Still trying to figure it out, I realized if I looked at the lines in a certain way, the whole image of the moon looked completely different. Instead of a solid globe, the moon looked like a large white wheel or gear with no middle. It was a very stylized vision, as if all the lines which depicted the moon had been carefully designed. Suddenly, it now seemed clearer to me why the lines had been created. With the moon looking like a large wheel or gear, it might be possible to use it as a sort of focus or guidance device to better locate stars. I could even imagine a way of drawing lines from the top and bottom circumference of the moon to a distant star, and somehow lining the star up with a line drawn from the center of the wheel, so that the star's location could be pinpointed more accurately. Fascinated by my surmises, I stared intently at the moon, until suddenly, in a flash, the moon disappeared right before my eyes, just like a light being turned off. The sudden extinguishing of the light was so abrupt, I was somewhat dazed, unable to understand what could have happened. I turned back around and focused my attention on the room in which I was standing.

The room was filled with people, many of whom were my relatives. It quickly became clear to me that someone in my family was ill. Looking around I noticed that my grandfather Liston wasn't present. Then it started coming back to me that Liston was ill, that he had been in a hospital in Columbus, Ohio for the last two weeks. I felt terrible. I knew I should have already visited him. But maybe it wasn't too late. I knew tomorrow was Sunday. Maybe I could go to Columbus then to see him.

I thought how Liston had never paid much attention to me when I had been a child. Yet of all my relatives, he was probably more like me that any – taciturn and independent. As the thought of seeing Liston went through my mind, I heard a song in the background. It was a hymn I had heard often when I was a child, and I began singing the song to myself in my mind. The title of the song was "Take Time to be Holy."

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