Dream of: 13 August 1996 "Sliding"

I was in Columbus, Ohio, walking on High Street, which runs along one side of The Ohio State University. I was heading to an apartment where I had been temporarily staying. I was thinking about moving to Columbus to start to go to college there. I had been going to college at Ohio University, Athens, but now I was thinking about changing schools.

The sidewalk was covered with snow and ice, and as I walked along, I realized I could I could slide and go much faster. I put my right foot out in front of me, something like the stance of somebody riding a surfboard, and I began speeding down the street. I was soon going so fast I realized I might be injured if I fell. And in fact I did fall once, but my momentum kept me moving, and I simply rolled back unto my feet without any injury. As I rolled over I noticed that another fellow was behind me, also sliding. I wasn't sure whether he had done this before, or whether he had just seen me and decided to copy. I also was unsure whether he was content to stay behind me or whether he wanted to pass.

It didn't make much difference to me. I was mainly concentrated in what I was doing, maintaining my balance, avoiding dangerous spots, trying not to go too fast and lose control. But mostly I was concentrated in the sheer pleasure of my movement. I knew I had glided over ice and snow like this before; but I had never gone this fast or had this amount of control. I zoomed down block after block, relishing the feeling of speed which I was now able to control.

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