Dream of: 12 August 1996 "Power To Heal"

I was locked in a room with a group of people. It wasn't clear why we were being held, but apparently we were all in prison. Interestingly, one person in the room was the comic book hero, Thor. Only at the moment he wasn't Thor; he was a human being, a mortal man like the rest of us.

I recalled that Thor had a heavy metal mallet which he carried around, and it was from this mallet that Thor derived all his power. Once he had the mallet in his hand, the mortal man could become Thor by striking the mallet three times on the ground. But without the mallet, the man was just a man like the rest of us and he couldn't become Thor. And herein lay the problem: the man didn't have the mallet at present, and therefore he couldn't become Thor and escape.

However, someone outside the room did have the mallet, and it wasn't long before someone came to the window, someone with the mallet. When the window opened I could see that it was a dark and rainy night outside. I also saw something being passed through the window. It was a long wooden walking stick. Now it also came back to me that there was a walking stick involved in the story of Thor, and that the walking stick could also be the source of great power. But when the stick came inside, it reached the hand of another man whom I also recognized as a comic hero, whose name I thought was Ulysses (but it was actually the comic hero Hercules). Ulysses greedily grabbed the stick, obviously knowing of its great power, and before anyone could stop him, he hit the floor three times with it. I couldn't see exactly what happened to him; indeed I could see no perceptible change in him although I was looking right at him. But I could tell that there had been some kind of inner change, and that he now had the power to escape form the room. Without giving a backward glance, he passed outside the room, obviously a powerful being ready to take on whatever awaited him outside.

But I didn't have time to think about him, because during the action, something else had come through the window: the mallet – and it was in my hand. I knew immediately that the man who normally became Thor would want it. But I now had something else in mind: why could I not seize the power myself? Why could I not hit the floor three times with the mallet and become Thor?

I lay down on the ground and laid the hammer under me, rolling over onto it on my back. I was trying to hide it, in case someone else had seen it. But I only stayed in the position a few moments, until seeing that no one was trying to take it away from me, I stood back up and held the heavy hammer in my hand. I then took it by the head, lifted it, and struck the floor three times with the handle.

There was no mighty explosion as might have been pictured in the comic book. But I knew I had changed. I knew I now had a new power, and although it was still not completely clear to me what it involved, I had an idea. One thing was certain: I now had the power to help free all the people in the room. But what was more, I could not only free them, but actually mold them into new people.

The first person to step up to me was a teenage boy who looked exactly like Ralph Macchio (whom I had see in the movie The Karate Kid). He was a puny disheveled little runt. I immediately reached out and touched him, passing my hands over his head and shoulders. Before my eyes he changed into healthy strong neatly dressed fellow in suit and tie. He then walked on outside.

Next a woman stepped up. She was probably in her late thirties and could best be described as slutty. Her scraggly black hair was hanging all over her face. Her bright red dress was slit up the side to her waist and pulled back so that her black pubic hairs were clearly visible. She stood before me and I began passing my hands over her head and up and down her sides. Again before my eyes she transformed into a well-dressed respectable woman, demure and graceful. Even I was amazed at the complete transformation as she stepped from me and out of the room.

But now I saw before me my greatest challenge. Lying on the floor, not ten feet from me, was a young man who was deformed and crippled. I thought he might be the son of the woman who had just left, but I wasn't quite sure of that. At any rate, this man had been crippled since birth. He was lying almost in a fetal position, a position from which he had never been able to move. His misshapen crooked arms and legs didn't function, and never had. In a way, he looked like one of the emaciated corpses from a Nazi concentration camp. He was also completely naked.

I simply looked over at him, and somehow my power reached him. With some effort he began moving, pulling himself up on his feet until he was finally standing. On his wobbly legs he moved toward me, moving his arms about for the first time in his life. He stood right in front of me and I began passing my hands over his body, especially his face. He had such an innocent unassuming look to him. I felt a strong sense of tenderness and compassion for him.

My hands visibly brought more life and energy into his limbs. But it didn't seem quite enough and finally I put my arms around him and pulled him close to me. I was slightly concerned what anyone watching us would think about my holding a naked man in my arms. But it didn't really matter what that thought. I could feel him growing in strength right in my arms. I again held him at arms length from me, touching his face and shoulders, almost as if I were working with a piece of clay. I seemed to have done all I could do. I would have liked to have given him more muscle and made him even stronger still, for he still seemed somewhat weak. But at least he was whole. He was no longer crippled and I had put enough meat on his bones to give him the strength he needed to leave the room. And now it was time for him also to go outside.

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