Dream of: 11 August 1996 (2) "Diving For Treasure"

My wife Carolina and I had gone to what appeared to be a resort, to spend a couple days. We decided to do some swimming, and dressed in swimsuits (Carolina was wearing red), we walked outside to a pond where other people were swimming. While Carolina walked around to the other side of the pond, I jumped in near some people in the water. Some wanted to wrestle, even though wrestling in the water was obviously a bit dangerous. An older man grabbed me and pulled me under, but he immediately let go when he saw that I needed to surface. I did the same thing to him, only I pulled him down deeper under the water, then released him when I felt he needed to surface. Still, I thought the game was dangerous, and I didn't want to continue.

I looked across to the other side and saw Carolina swimming over there. It was an odd sight, because it looked as if she had swum right through the bank on the opposite side. Curious, I climbed out of the water and walked around to where she was.

Finding her standing on the bank, looking down into the water, I looked down and saw what she was looking at. It looked as if there was a key and a quarter lying on the bottom of the pond. I decided to see if I could retrieve the objects. I dove into the water and swam down until I discovered that from above I had actually seen a nickel and a quarter lying next to each other. Once I was on the bottom, I saw many other items: another quarter, a cloth elephant about 12 centimeters long, some small silver religious items, some earrings which looked as if they had never been used, an item which had a word that started with "Elect ..." but which I couldn't read clearly, and a brass key which looked like a motel key. The key reminded me of an old cellular telephone key which I used to have. I thought it might even be the same key.

There was so much stuff, I just began scooping it up in handfuls and bringing it back to the surface. Carolina held open a bag, and I put the things in the bag. I loved doing this. Since we were going to be there for two days, I could spend the rest of the day, and also the following day, looking for things.

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