Dream of: 09 August 1996 "Painting Houses"

I was in a building on the Gallia County Farm. The building seemed somewhat like a house, somewhat like a hospital. My father and my mother were also in the building. They looked as if they were in their 30s and my father had dark black hair. We had recently been working together on a couple houses. We had already painted one house and were planning on going to another house today to paint it. I was in a hurry to leave; but everyone else seemed to be moving too slow. I was trying to hurry them up.

I walked into the extra-large bathroom, sat down on the commode and defecated. I was sitting completely naked in the bathroom when my mother-in-law Paz walked in on my right and approached the sink. She was obviously looking at me, and I didn't try to hide anything. I was very aroused. I was only concerned because my penis looked so small. I was also concerned because I had just finished defecating and I debated whether I should wipe in front of her; I decided not to. But when I finally stood up, I wadded up some toilet paper and wiped while I was standing. I reflected how Carolina had wiped in front of me before without being bothered.

Paz, who was standing right in front of me, seemed unconcerned by what I had done. She was so short, her head was on the same level with my penis. She immediately reached out, took my penis in her hand and stuck it in her mouth.

I could hear my mother in the hall, walking toward the bathroom. I thought my sister was also coming. I pulled away from Paz (even though she didn't want to let go) and I pulled on my pants just as my mother walked into the bathroom. I was uncertain whether my mother had seen anything, but I didn't think she had. She didn't say anything. Apparently my mother was finally ready to leave.

I walked out into the hall. I was thinking of going ahead to the house by myself where we were going to be working. I was impatient to get started. It seemed my mother was taking too long because she had been visiting two sick men who were right here in the house/hospital with us.

My mother also walked out into the hall and she and my father began talking about an aunt and uncle of mine who had died and who had left some things behind when they had died. Apparently many items had been unaccounted for and no one knew what had happened to them. I thought some the things were here in this building; I would like to look for them. My mother mentioned that my aunt was in the habit of putting things in cardboard boxes; so it was difficult to tell what was here. I also was in the habit of storing things in cardboard boxes, and I thought I would like to go through the boxes here in the house. I might even keep something if I found something I liked.

In the corner were some shelves which looked something like a Christmas tree, with larger shelves on the bottom. Little nick knacks were sitting on the shelves. My father walked over to the shelves and set a cup on the top shelf.

I was impatient to leave. My mother said something about my brother Chris. Only now did I realize that he also was here in this house/hospital. I hadn't even visited him while I had been here. I thought how he would at least like to see me; but I really didn't want to go back to his room, even though I felt that I should. I asked my mother if she thought it was alright to leave Chris here by himself. But then I realized this place was a hospital and people were here to watch him. My mother said that of course it was alright to leave Chris here.

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