Dream of: 06 August 1996 (2) "Watching Movies"

I was studying for a test for a class which I was taking. As I reviewed the material, I was concerned about one part of the assignments which I hadn't completed: watching movies. The professor had made a list of 50-60 lesser-known movies for the students to watch. The number of movies seemed extraordinary to me, and I began trying to calculate how much time it would have taken to watch all. I thought if I could show that there weren't even enough free hours to watch all the movies, I could confront the professor, proving we had been given too many movies to watch.


I was with the professor, talking about the movies. My position had somewhat ameliorated because I had realized I had had enough time to watch all the movies, and I had actually watched several. I also had a better grasp of what the professor wanted. I now knew that for the test we wouldn't have to describe the whole movie. We would simply be given a one sentence description of some key element in the movie, and from that sentence we should be able to identify the movie. I had also figured out that it might not be necessary for me to actually watch all the movies. I already had some short written synopses of some of the movies, and I thought I might just be able to memorize those.

The professor was sitting across from me at a table. Although I had originally thought the professor was a man, I know saw that she was an attractive blonde woman (probably in her early 30s). She seemed very friendly and accessible, and when I suggested that we practice on some of the movies, she gladly accepted. I then began looking at my movie list (which also contained small pictures of each of the movies), and I began giving a one sentence statement about the movies. I was surprised at how quickly the professor was able to respond, telling me the titles of the movies. She obviously had a grasp of all of them. However, when I described one movie – a movie staring Dick Van Dyke – she first named two other movies before she named the right one. But it quickly became clear, that she hadn't been wrong, because the descriptive sentence I had given her would have applied to the other two movies as well.

When we had finished our game, I once again began working alone on the movies, going over them in my mind, trying to refresh my memory as to what they had been about. I soon found myself concentrating so hard on one, that I soon felt that I was actually taking part in the movie. In the scene on which I was concentrating, Carolina was also with me. The two of us were in a densely forested area. Carolina was carrying a bow and arrows, and she was learning how to hunt. I didn't have any kind of weapons.

We were on the side of a hill in difficult terrain. I had just passed a large tree, whose trunk was at least a meter in diameter, and Carolina was still on the other side of the tree, trying to climb around it to where I was. But suddenly, not 20 meters from us, through the leaves and underbrush, I saw a large black bear. I looked at it excitedly, thinking this was exactly the kind of game which we were hunting. However, from where she was behind the tree, Carolina couldn't see the bear. The bear also hadn't seen us, and it moved behind some bushes. But I could still see a small patch of black and I knew exactly where it was. If Carolina could simply get around the tree, she could still have a shot at it. But try as she might, she couldn't get around the tree. I kept whispering to her, trying to show her where the bear was, but she couldn't see it. Finally, it occurred to me that I was in a rather precarious position. If the bear were to see me and decide to attack, I would be defenseless. Carolina seemed to sense my concern, and finally she simply held out the bow and arrow to me from behind the tree. I took them, knowing that I did indeed know how to use a bow and arrow, but uncertain I could effectively use hers. She only had three arrows, and I managed to drop one down the hill out of reach, leaving me only two. And then I saw that the string of the bow wasn't strung right, it was wrapped around the ends, and I would have to straighten in out before I could shoot. And now I was concerned that I wouldn't have time, because it looked to me as if the bear was starting to move. I could see its black snout as it looked back over its shoulder toward us. I began to imagine what I would do if it saw us. I had a vivid image of it wheeling around and starting to run toward me. Would I have enough time to shoot? Would an arrow even be sufficient against such a large animal? Would I be able to shoot the arrow into just the right spot?

Suddenly, as if changing a channel on a television, I was looking at a scene of a completely different movie. This movie showed a group of four or five men, dressed all in white lab suits, coming through a wide door. The door, when it shut, was only a half door, with the space from about the height of the chest up, left open.

Within seconds it became clear to everybody that one of the men in the lab suits was a spy. When the spy saw that he was found out, his knees buckled and he started to fall to the floor. The other men started to grab him. When they did, the spy came to life and started fighting. At the same time, other compadres of the spy appeared on the other side of the door and began reaching over the top of the door, grabbing the men in the white suits and pulling them back outside. It appeared that the spy and his friends were about to successfully take over the facility.

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