Dream of: 02 August 1996 (2) "You Don't Trust Anybody"

I was looking at a man who was standing in front of a door. The husky black-haired man was probably in his 50s. He was well-dressed in a dark suit, and I soon recognized him as someone I liked very much: Charlie Citrine (a fictional character, the hero of the novel Humboldt's Gift by Saul Bellow). It wasn't quite clear whether I was actually with Charlie, standing beside him, or whether another person was standing beside Charlie, and I was just watching the scene. At any rate, a second man was standing beside Charlie, talking with him.

The subject of their conversation was the closed door in front of them. It was a tall white wooden door which towered about two feet over their heads. It was a wide door, maybe five foot in expanse, big enough so that both men were able to stand in front of it. It may have even had pillars on both sides of it.

Charlie was intending to go through the door, but now he was hesitating. Again it was unclear to me why Charlie was hesitating. Although it was a formidable door, it appeared that Charlie should be able to open it. It appeared that the reason for Charlie's hesitancy had something to do with some other people who were somehow involved with the door. For some reason, Charlie had some doubts about these other people, and these doubts were causing Charlie to hesitate. The man standing next to Charlie (who may indeed have been myself) challenged Charlie to open the door, saying, "The truth is, you don't trust anybody."

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