Dream of: 19 July 1996 (2) "More Difficult Than I Thought"

I was thinking about the people with whom I was exchanging dreams over the Internet – Donna, Jacobs, and Barford, but mostly I was thinking about Donna. I was having difficulty with our dream group because it wasn't going as I had hoped. Our original goal had been to dream about each other. I had anticipated that this wouldn't be terribly difficult and that we would all soon be having many dreams about each other, but such hadn't been the case; although we had all maintained steadfast contact for many months and had been exchanging dreams, we had had few dreams about each other.

However, although I was disappointed by our lack of progress, I still thought our original goal was attainable. What I was now beginning to realize was that we lacked method. I was still convinced that we had the correct goal – dreaming about each other – but that we simply didn't yet know how to reach this goal. The problem was that I myself was still uncertain how to reach the goal. What I did know was that the task was much more difficult than I had originally thought. I regarded that realization as somewhat of an advance in and of itself, because I was no longer deluded with the misconception that it was easy to simply start dreaming about someone. I had at least progressed that much, and I felt somewhat strengthened by this new knowledge. Now I thought I needed to concentrate much more, to see if I could begin to figure out just how we were going to accomplish our task. I thought I would begin by writing to Donna, and the exact words I would say to her went through my mind: "This is a much more difficult task than I thought it would be."

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