Dream of: 18 July 1996 (2) "Mowing Grass"

Carolina and I were visiting Carolina's mother, Paz, who was living in the House in Patriot. It was late Saturday evening and I was ready to leave; but Carolina had continued to dally even though she knew I was growing impatient. When Carolina was finally ready and we were just about to leave, Paz suddenly asked if I could mow the lawn for her. I couldn't believe it! She had waited until the very last minute, even when she knew I wanted to leave, to ask me to do this. I wanted to refuse, but instead I angrily threw my keys down on the table and told her I would do it.

I walked outside to look around at the large yard. I had cut the grass here many times when I had been a boy, and I knew it would take at least an hour. But as I looked at the grass, I realized I could hardly see it: it was already almost dark. It was obviously too dark to mow the grass today. I walked back inside where Carolina and Paz were standing in the kitchen. I announced that it was too dark and that I would mow the grass the next day when Carolina and I returned.

Paz seemed disappointed. She said she had turned on the outside lights and thought I would be able to see. I looked outside again and saw that the lights did help, but it was still too dark. Although it probably was light enough to mow the grass, I didn't want to do it unless I could see well.

Paz then said something about how I could use the riding lawn mower. That surprised me because I hadn't known that she had a riding lawn mower. That shed a new light on things. I had never used a riding lawn mower before, and I thought I might actually enjoy mowing the grass if I could sit on a riding lawn mower rather than laboring with a push mower. When Paz noticed my surprise she went on to describe the riding lawn mower. It was red and apparently she had bought it used. She said it was sitting in the garage, and I thought I would go out and take a look at it.

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