Dream of: 18 July 1996 "Too Many Credit Cards"

Walls and Tindall were with me at a mall. We had all been going around to different stores in the mall and applying for credit cards. I had a little post box in the mall where the cards were deposited and within a short period we each had about 25-30 new cards. These were in addition to all the other credit cards which I already had.

As our escapade continued, I became somewhat concerned about the way Walls and Tindall were obtaining their cards. I knew they were claiming to be running some kind of business when they applied for the cards, and I decided to go to where the business was and check it out. When I arrived at the building where the business was supposed to be located, I was surprised to find that it was just an empty garage, not a business at all. It was immediately clear to me Walls and Tindall weren't in business, and that they were committing fraud when they obtained their credit cards.

I also noticed something else at the garage which seemed quite dangerous to me. Looking outside I saw lying there a water hose connected to a gas line. The hose was turned on and gas was spewing all over the street. It was clear the place could blow up at any time.

Besides that, I noticed a man outside along the street. He resembled Angelo Buono (the character played by Dennis Farina in the movie The Case of the Hillside Stranglers). I thought this man had lent some money to Walls and Tindall, and he was now coming to check out where they did business. I knew they were going to get into trouble. I headed out the back door to avoid being seen by the man.

Only when I was out in the street did I realize I appeared to be in a black neighborhood – and it was starting to get dark. The area began to look extremely dangerous, and I thought to myself that this was just like some of my dreams when I ended up in a place like this.

I had about $400 in cash in my wallet. I quietly took my wallet from my pocket, extracted the money and slipped it into my boot. Noticing quite a few black people in the street, I began to fear someone might have seen me stick the money in my boot. I hoped I might be able to hail a cab, but I realized practically no cars were in the street. I did finally see a motor vehicle, but it was a U-haul truck and it passed right by me.

Suddenly I saw hope: up ahead of me was a row of restaurants. I could go in there and order something to eat. Maybe someone could even call me a taxi. I doubted they would, but at least I would be off the street. Once I was safe inside, I could figure out something.

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