Dream of: 17 July 1996 (2) "Sex In Church"

I was in a church with a high vaulted ceiling, a church which seemed devoid of pews, and which might have even been abandoned, a church which I knew was in the black section of town. A black girl probably in her late teens was with me. She was quite attractive, but a bit sluttish. As we stood there alone in the church, I began imagining what it would be like to make love to the girl. My imagination soon became so strong it seemed as if I were actually making love to her. I first had her lie down on her back on a table sitting right in the middle of the room. She was already naked and she spread apart her legs which were hanging over the edge of the table. Still standing, I stepped up between her legs and inserted myself into her. But almost immediately I began wondering about venereal diseases. I wasn't wearing any protection, and I had no idea if the girl was free of disease. Could I take back some disease to my wife, Carolina?

After I left the church and was outside on the street, I was anxious to leave the black section of town. It seemed as if the whole section was surrounded by some kind of fence or wall. But I knew that up ahead of me the street passed through a gate – the only way out – and that was where I was headed. But as the old wooden gate came into view, I saw that a group of young black men had gathered near the gate. I heard one say I was coming, and I knew I was going to have a problem. All the men looked alert. I kept walking fast toward the gate, picking up my pace, until finally I was running. One black boy (no more than 12 years old) got in my way and tried to stop me. I pushed him aside. Others rushed up and also tried, but I was too fast for them and I slipped past them before they knew what had happened. Once outside the gate, I slowed my pace, and continued walking down the street.

It was dark and foreboding outside with desolate abandoned buildings all around me. But at least I saw no more threatening people. Finally I did see someone walking up ahead of me. He was a white man, thin, average height, probably in his mid 20s. I thought that he was wearing a uniform and a billy club and that he was a cop, so I hurried toward him. When I reached him, I kiddingly acted as if I were going to hit him, but I was just joking. I was feeling my oats after having escaped from the black men and I wanted to show off a little, but I had no intention of hitting him. To my surprise, the man broke down as if he were terrified of me. He looked as if he were crying. He threw his billy club into a vacant lot to show he meant me no harm. He was really pathetic. I retrieved his billy club, intending to give it back to him.

I was about to try to console him, when suddenly several cars pulled up and around 15 tough-looking thugs jumped out. I knew these thugs had been chasing me and I had almost escaped from them. All were big and strong and many were dressed in black leather. As they began surrounding me, it was obvious they intended to kill me.

I knew the thugs were angry at me because they felt I had betrayed them. I had originally somehow been connected with them. The problem was that, against their wishes, I had joined a labor union and had gotten a job. The thugs were very upset about that. Apparently I was only supposed to work through them.

The thugs had formed a circle around me and were now advancing toward me. Suddenly, I noticed, on the other side of the street, in front of some old buildings, were dozens and dozens of union men working on something. All at once I saw my salvation. I knew if I hollered, the union men would come to my rescue. I began hollering, "Help! Union! Help! Union!"

Immediately dozens of union men began racing to me. Seeing the union men coming, the thugs stopped in their tracks. I still had the billy club in my hand, and now I saw my advantage. I walked up to the thugs one by one and began kicking them and beating them with the billy club. At the same time I made them drop any weapons which they had. The thugs put up no resistance and passively allowed me to clobber them. I felt no joy at hitting them, but I felt no remorse either. It just seemed like the appropriate thing to do, and I was determined to hit every one of the thugs.

Suddenly I noticed off to my left, another fellow I knew to be one of the thugs had just now shown up. I personally knew this thug, and I immediately realized there was now something strange about him. When he was close enough to me, I began questioning him, and I quickly realized what was strange about him: it appeared he had also abandoned the other thugs and had obtained a job through the union. He didn't want to admit it, because he knew the other thugs would be angry at him, but now he seemed to think he had no choice but to admit it in order to avoid a beating by me.

However I was still uncertain he was telling me the truth. When he saw my doubt, he said his sister knew the truth, and he pointed out that his sister was lying on a nearby couch. I looked at the couch, the back of which was toward me so I couldn't see who was lying on it on the other side. But I somehow knew a black woman was lying there. The man called out to his sister, and asked her whether he had also joined the union. For just an instant, the woman, who was indeed black, raised her head up above the back of the couch and said, "Unknown." It was immediately obvious to me that she did not want to say anything in front of the other thugs, for fear of retaliation against her.

So I decided to beat the guy anyway, and I began hitting him with my club. I had only struck him a few times before I realized that he probably was telling the truth and that I should stop. But as I looked at him, I saw the most macabre sight. He looked like a piece of meat, like something from a slaughter house. Repulsed, I looked back at the couch, only to see his sister rising up above the couch and looking the same way, like a piece of slaughtered meat. It looked as if both of them had had acid poured all over them and as if the acid had eaten away the flesh. It was gruesome, like something out of a horror movie.

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