Dream of: 16 July 1996 "Play Rehearsal"

I was at a school, sitting in a large classroom which seemed to have originally been a gymnasium. Probably 25-30 students were sitting in chairs, facing the front where the teacher – a gruff portly woman probably in her late fifties – was sitting behind a large desk.

The class was actually the rehearsal of a play. Most, but not all, of the students had been given parts in the play, and today, while remaining seated at our desks, we were reading our parts out loud for the first time. My play-book lay open in front of me, and as other people began reading their parts out loud, I anxiously began looking for my part. I knew the name of my character was a long word beginning with "M," but I had trouble finding it anywhere. Finally I found two lines for my character. As I continued to search unsuccessfully for more lines, I began to realize what had happened and I felt myself becoming disappointed. Obviously the teacher had assigned all the long parts to students whom she knew, to her favorites. Since the teacher didn't know me, she had given me a small part of only two lines. It looked as if all my character did was announce one of the more important characters.

As I read my part, I noticed that the first line was in German and that the second line was in English. As other people were reading their lines, I also noticed that about half the play seemed to be in German. One person read a long part in English, then another person read a long part in German. It didn't matter to me and I thought I would just as soon speak German as English. But it did seem peculiar that a play would be half in German and half in English.

I continued reading my two lines, getting ready to speak them out loud. I also kept looking to see if I could find any more parts for my character – but I didn't see any more, and I concluded these were my only lines. I began thinking that I wasn't going to enjoy coming to class every day and listening to everyone else reading their lines, just so I could be there to read my two lines.

I then remembered that Clifford (whom I first met as a classmate in junior high school) was also in the class. I recalled that on the first day of class, Clifford and I had left the class while it was going on, and we had taken a long walk. I specifically remembered that we had walked along a small stream, and that I had quite enjoyed skipping out of the class. I had told Clifford that he and I could regularly skip class like that. But I had been surprised when Clifford had informed me that he didn't like skipping class, that he in fact liked to go to class and study. It had seemed strange to me that anyone could actually like going to class. But ever since that first day I also hadn't skipped any classes, and I had found myself enjoying classes more and more.

But now that I saw that I was only going to have two lines in the play, I thought that after I had read my lines I could just skip out, and no one would notice. However, I had the feeling that I had been given the two lines as a test to see how I would do. If I stayed in class every day, I might be given a large role in the next play.

I looked again around the class. It was rather informal. In the rear of the class was a small room where food could be ordered. I thought I might go back and get a cup of coffee. Then I would sit back down and stick it out.

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