Dream of: 14 July 1996 "Watching A Play"

I was sitting in a theater, watching a play – a musical. The small theater was full with probably 200 people. About 20-30 actors were on the stage; but the stage was so dark, I could barely see them. I finally realized that a light in the ceiling which was supposed to be shining on the stage was burnt out. I was also having trouble understanding what the actors were saying: I could hear their voices, but their words didn't make any sense to me. Unable to see, and unable to understand what was being said, I wasn't enjoying myself at all.

Sitting on my right was a woman who was my date. She seemed a bit like both Nina Cahan (a woman I dated a few times in 1986) and Melanie. Although I enjoyed the woman's company, I had no amorous feelings toward her. I asked her what she thought about the play, and she said she thought it was great. I myself would have liked to have left, but I resigned myself to sticking it out until the end. She mentioned that a similar play was scheduled for the following weekend. I was glad to be able to tell her I couldn't go because I was going to be going to California to do some work there for my father. My father had a warehouse in California in a town called "Davis." I was going to go to Davis and work in the warehouse for a few days.

My father was also at the play with us, sitting on my left. As I turned toward him, he pulled out a string of about 50 pearls and showed it to me. All the pearls were a light blue color and absolutely beautiful. My father said he was going to sell the pearls and he wondered if I were interested. Although I was very interested, I didn't say so to him, because I thought the woman might think I was buying them for her. In a low voice I told my father I would like to look at the pearls later. I thought I would like to buy them as a gift for Carolina. She would like them, and besides, since she was my wife, if I gave them to her, I would still partially own them. That way I wouldn't be giving them away to someone to whom I had no claim, such as the woman beside me.


During a break in the play, some of the other people and I boarded a bus to take a ride. But as we were riding along, something happened to the bus driver, and I began driving. I wasn't very familiar with driving buses, but I did recall that I had driven a bus once before along the same road which we were now on, which was a street in Gallipolis. As I drove, I even announced to the others, "This is my hometown."

But I was actually unsure whether it was correct for me to call Gallipolis "my hometown," because I had never actually lived in Gallipolis. And so to make it clear, I began explaining to the others that I had only been born in Gallipolis. But, I wouldn't mind living in Gallipolis, which seemed like such an idyllic little town, close to the hills and nestled along the Ohio River.

As if on tour, I circled all the way around the town, until I reached a part of the road which descended into a valley and then back up a hill on the other side. I now recalled that the last time I had taken this route I had had difficulties going back up this hill. And sure enough, when we were about half way up the hill, the bus began slowing down. I knew what I had to do: I jumped out of the bus and began running along the side, pulling the bus with me. Finally we came to an almost vertical area, and I had to climb up the side of what looked like a building, pulling the bus with me with a long rope. I could see the looks of fear on the faces of the people in the bus. But since I had performed this same feat once before, I knew I was strong enough to accomplish it. However, I also knew I had to be careful of every step and move which I made; if I slipped even a little bit, I could drop the bus and all the people. Straining and stretching, I continued until I reached the top and hoisted the bus up. I could see the looks of relief on all the people. They seemed grateful that I had been able to pull them up. But they also seemed a bit incredulous that I had put them through all that. I settled back into the driver's seat and headed back toward the theater.

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