Dream of: 02 July 1996 "Ominous Presence"

While browsing through a used book store, I spotted a bin on the ground about five foot long and five foot wide which contained some record albums. At first I did not think I would look at the albums, but then decided to do so. I bent over the rails around the bin and picked up a stack of 10-15 records at a time. I began flipping through them. One album which I had never seen before was by the musician Donovan. At first I thought the album was the "Greatest Hits" album by Bob Dylan because the cover was very similar; when I realized the album was by Donovan, I concluded Donovan had probably copied Dylan's album cover style just as he had copied Dylan's musical style.

I kept going through the stacks. All the album covers seemed worn and in poor shape. All seemed to be soft folksy music. I doubted I would want any, but I still kept picking up new stacks of albums and stacking the ones I had gone through on a shelf at the side. Somebody else had probably already searched through the albums and picked out all the good ones; I was probably just wasting my time. However, finally I found a copy of a Led Zeppelin album which I liked the album with the brown cardboard-like cover and a picture of a zeppelin on the front. The album appeared to be in excellent condition; I immediately set it to the side by itself. I couldn't remember, but I thought this album might actually contain two albums. I thought the albums cost a dollar apiece; I definitely wanted to buy this one.

Another fellow showed up and also began going through the albums. I hated when this happened when I was looking at something and then someone else barged in; and now I also had to keep an eye on my Led Zeppelin album to make sure the fellow didn't take it. Finally without finishing going through all the albums I stopped and began looking more around the store.

It seemed that someone was with me and that I couldn't just dally; but I saw a circular metal rack with comics on it and I went to it. I had seen some other comics in the store, but they hadn't appeared to be in good condition and they hadn't interested me. All these comics, however, were in excellent shape and I was definitely interested in them. However, I wouldn't buy any because they were still half price, which was still rather expensive. I flipped through a few comics; I saw some brand new issues of Hulk with colorful covers; but there were so many I didn't know which to choose.  

I began to have the feeling of some kind of ominous presence around me; a fear began creeping over me as vague obscure feelings and memories began coming into my mind. The feelings had something to do with a family living in a small house and some people being killed in the house. The killer apparently actually lived in the house with the family; but all efforts of the family had failed to discover where the killer was hiding.

My memories carried me to a little closet where I was sitting with six or seven other people. I was sitting on the ground with a cover over me. A girl (16-17 years old) was sitting right on top of my legs. She had dark hair, was wearing glasses, and wasn't very pretty.

Also in the closet was an obese woman (about 40 years old) who was the mother of the family. She handed me a little card describing all the benefits that a person would receive if the person were to die in the month of his birth. When she handed the card to me she used the word "you." I pointed out that the plan wouldn't benefit the person dying. If I were to die, for example, I wouldn't receive any benefits; but then I paused and added that the plan still could be beneficial for any close survivor; so the plan might have some benefit after all.

I asked about a fellow that I knew had recently lived in the house and had died there a few months before in the month of February; I asked the others if they knew in what month the fellow had been born. The woman paused and tried to remember; an expression of revelation passed over her face as if she suddenly realized that the fellow had been born in February and that she might be entitled to some benefits; but just as quickly the expression passed as she seemed to realize she really didn't know when the fellow had been born.

I heard some sounds out in the house like slamming doors and I again began thinking about the killer who was supposed to be hiding in this house. The walls of the closet and of the house itself were all clean and white. Piles of blankets and cloth were stacked in the closet. I thought the killer could be lurking behind the stacks. I began to feel as if I had to get out of the closet no matter what; I felt too vulnerable there. I told the others that if someone opened the closet door and fired in with a shotgun, he could kill all of us.

I stood to leave. I stepped out into a white hallway; a shadow moved across the floor, coming out of the bathroom to my left. I became excited, thinking I was actually finally going to see the killer face to face. I saw a white shoe move across the floor; and then I saw a man. He was paunchy and probably in his late 20s. He held a pipe or knife in one hand. He had big lips and was definitely retarded. He was staring down at the floor. Another person was standing behind him. Feeling a sense of terror, I tried not to panic. I screamed back at the others, even though I knew the fellow would hear me, "Here he is! Here he is!"

Then I looked at the fellow and placatingly said, "Yea, there you are."

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