Dream of: 27 June 1996 "To Lie Or Not To Lie"

My wife Carolina had received a traffic ticket, and I was going to defend her as her attorney. I had received notice that the trial was going to take place in County Criminal Court #2 in Dallas. I was surprised by this because I knew this was judge Schwille's court, and I hadn't thought that traffic tickets were handled in his court; I had thought that the case would have been tried in a municipal court. But I was glad that the trial would be in Schwille's court, because I thought Schwille liked me and that I had a good chance of winning in his court.


Carolina and I were in Schwille's court, and the case against her was in process. When we had first entered, other people had been in the courtroom. But now only the people connected with our case were here. The prosecutor was a woman probably in her late 30s. Carolina and I were standing and listening quietly as the prosecutor harshly questioned a witness. Schwille finally noticed me and told me I needed to sit down. He was correct – I should not be standing while a witness was being examined. But I had thought that the hearing was rather informal, and that it didn't matter if I was standing. Nevertheless, following Schwille's instructions, I sat down and the questioning continued.

Carolina sat down next to me on my left and held tightly to my arm. I was uncertain whether Schwille knew she was my wife, but I thought he would probably figure it out when he saw that Carolina and I had the same last name, and when he noticed how closely she was sitting next to me.

I thought about how I was going to defend Carolina. I thought that if she were going to be found not guilty, she would have to say that she was going between 25-30 miles per hour, because the speed limit was 30 miles an hour. She could even say that she was going at 30 miles an hour. She could say that she looked down at the speedometer when the cop put on his lights, and had seen that it read 30 miles an hour.

I knew she had been charged with going at 47 miles an hour, and I knew she had indeed been driving over the speed limit. I didn't want her to have to lie, but lying was the only way to win. Unless Schwille had some evidence that she wasn't guilty, he would be forced to find her guilty.


The trial ended and Schwille found Carolina not guilty. He berated the prosecutor for something she had done wrong. But I felt Schwille had probably found Carolina not guilty because he liked me.

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