Dream of: 12 June 1996 "Household Appliances"

I was at the House in Patriot, the living area of which had been converted into a classroom. In fact, the room was filled with students sitting at desks. I was also sitting at a desk, attending a class which seemed to be dealing with household appliances. When the class finally ended, I stood and prepared to leave. I knew my car was sitting outside, and that I would be driving it back to Texas.

A young boy (7-8 years old) with brownish-blonde hair was in the House. Since it was raining outside, and since I thought the boy didn't have a ride, I offered to give him a lift. But he was very nasty and turned down my offer.

I walked on outside, carrying a black upright vacuum cleaner, which I put into the back seat of the car. My mother, who had been in the House, came out to tell me good-bye. I climbed into the car and rolled up all windows so the rain wouldn't come in. I hated to take off to Texas while it was still raining, but I had no choice.

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