Dream of: 08 June 1996 "Chainsaws And Lawnmowers"

I was in a two-story white frame house which I had recently bought somewhere in southeastern Ohio. My father and my mother were both with me; they had come to help me work on the house. I had bought the house with the intention of fixing it up and reselling it. I had decided I was going to be continually buying houses, living in them while remodeling them, and then reselling them. I had around $150,000 to work with, and I thought every time I bought and sold a house I would increase the amount of money with which I had to work. If I were to buy and sell just one house a year, by the time I was in my 80s I would have sold around 40 houses. By that time I should have built up my fortune enough to be living in a large luxurious home.

In pursuing my project, I needed to think about location. The house I presently had was about 60 kilometers west of Gallipolis, a town which I had always liked; I would like to buy future houses closer and closer to Gallipolis. However, I had a problem because Carolina had a job in a county farther to the west in the vicinity of Adams county. I hadn't yet decided how to reconcile moving ever closer to Gallipolis with Carolina's job. Obviously the matter would require more thought.

Meanwhile, I needed to concentrate on the house at hand. Standing on the back porch, I looked out into the yard. A large tree had been blown or knocked over and was lying in the yard. The tree was probably a meter in diameter at the base; it had a long straight trunk which might later be useful to me if I were to cut it out right.

But my problem was the chainsaw: either I didn't have a chainsaw, or the one I had wasn't working well: I needed to buy a new chainsaw. And I was also going to need a new lawnmower. I decided right there that I was going to buy the chainsaw and the lawnmower, and that once I had them, I was going to take good care of them. In the past I hadn't always taken the best of care of any tools which I might have; but I saw that such carelessness needed to change. If I were going to be working on fixing up houses so much, I would always need my tools to be in good condition; and in the future I was going to need to take good care of my tools.

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