Dream of: 31 May 1996 (2) "Flutes"

I was talking to a young girl (12-13 years old) -- all dressed in white -- who was somehow related to me. She showed me a flute which she had recently bought and she even demonstrated it for me. As I began examining the flute, the girl told me that a man had come to her house and sold it to her for $1. The man had being having something like a garage sale, only instead of having the sale at his home, he carted his things around to the homes of different people to sell.

I was impressed with the flute, and I immediately regretted that I hadn't been at the girl's home when the man had come. I wondered what other types of things he might have also had which would have interested me.

The flute was a typical silver transverse flute, except it seemed a bit more complicated than a normal flute. For instance, I noticed a large extra lever toward the foot of the flute. After examining the flute I told the girl that the flute would have brought around $70 in a pawn shop.

But to myself I thought that if the flute were being sold new, it might bring $500-$1,000. I myself had been thinking of buying a new flute, and I knew I might have to pay that much for a good one.

I also began thinking about a woman I knew who gave flute lessons; that seemed like an odd profession to me. I wondered what the woman knew that I didn't know. I could actually visualize the woman playing a flute. I wondered if she could pick up any flute and play it, and whether she could detect the different nuances of different flutes. As I visualized the woman, I could actually hear the crisp clear notes coming out of the flute, and I continued to wonder about the slight differences in the same note that different flutes would make. I listened as the woman went up and down the musical scales. It sounded wonderful. If I went into a store to buy a new flute, I could at least do that.

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