Dream of: 31 May 1996 "Government Job"

I had been hanging up in the air, holding onto some ropes, possibly working on a chandelier, when I finally began lowering myself to the ground. As I came down to the earth, I realized I was in the middle of a spacious green park-like area which seemed in the middle of a college campus, possibly somewhere in Europe. I also realized something else: president Bill Clinton was standing there on the grass and I was descending right next to him.

As I reached the ground, I could see Clinton's secret service agents standing several meters from him in a circle around him. Since I had come down from above, they had failed to see me. I wondered what it must be like to be always surrounded by secret service agents.

Clinton, dressed in a black suit and white shirt, greeted me in a friendly manner and seemed happy to see me. I, dressed in a tan ill-fitting western style jacket, recalled that Clinton and I had met once before; he knew who I was. But I was still surprised by the warmth and effusion he showed for me. Since he was being so friendly, I thought this might be a good chance for me to get his autograph. The only thing I had to write on was a letter which I had written to Clinton, but which I hadn't yet signed. I held the letter out to him and asked if he would write something for me on the bottom of it. I thought I would sign it myself. But I wouldn't send it to him; I would keep it.

Clinton took the letter and began writing. When he had finished he handed the letter back to me. We talked a while longer and I was surprised he would grant me so much of his time. He was stiffer and more formal than I would have thought from seeing him on television; but still he was genuinely friendly and I liked him. There was something rather mysterious and cagey about him which I found intriguing.

Finally we finished our conversation and we parted. As I left, I realized I hadn't even bothered to speak with Clinton about any important issues which he was facing. For instance it occurred to me that I could have said something about a national curfew for children. I could have told him how I opposed such a curfew as just another erosion of liberty in the United States. But I had failed to even mention it.

I looked at the letter, wondering what Clinton had written. He had written a couple lines – more than I had expected. I tried to read his words, but had difficulty at first. I clearly saw the word "tomorrow," and finally pieced together the whole thing: he was offering me a job. He said he thought I should get a job, and that if I would come and see him tomorrow, he would personally find a high-ranking position in the government for me. He gave the impression that he thought I had great potential but that I must do something with the potential right now or I would lose it.

I was ambivalent about his feelings. I hadn't thought before of working for the government. In fact, I hadn't thought of working for anybody at all. I had been working on some project of my own, and I was content with what I was doing. The idea of working for the government hadn't even occurred to me. Still, I could see some advantages. If Clinton appointed me, I would be able to start out in a high position. I might be interested in that – starting a the top. Besides, it should impress my father.

One other question crossed my mind: my political affiliations. I had none; I didn't belong to any party, and I wasn't politically active. However, I did think that whatever political leanings I did have probably came closer to the Democrats than to any other party. That at least was a start.


I was still walking around the campus, but I had changed into different clothes. Now I was wearing a dark green tee shirt and blue jeans. As I walked by a building, I could see Clinton inside the doorway, and I suddenly realized I was dressed inappropriately to be seen by the president. But I didn't think he had seen me, and I hurried off. I thought I needed to change into a nice suit for our next meeting.

But then I began to wonder about what I hoped to accomplish at such a meeting. Besides that, I didn't actually have an appointment to see the president. Perhaps that was part of a test for me to see if I was qualified for the job: to see if I could actually get in to see the president. I thought about how I would manage to get in. Perhaps I would call him at home and speak to his wife. Maybe I could arrange entry through her. But really, I was unsure how I would do it.

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