Dream of: 29 May 1996 "Out-Of-Control Helicopter"

I was in the House in Patriot. My grandmother Leacy could be seen moving around from room to room. She was dressed all in white; it was difficult to tell how old she was, but she seemed in the prime of life. She looked thin and healthy and had a happy air about her.

Other people were also in the House, some of whom seemed to be cousins of mine, some of whom didn't. When it came time to go to bed, I had to share a bed with three of the others, and I ended up lying on my back in the middle, with one person on my left and two on my right. I didn't like sleeping in the middle, but the fellow on my left had absolutely insisted that he be allowed to sleep on the end, and I hadn't wanted to start an argument. The fellow on my left had black hair and was probably in his early twenties. I noticed how he, more than the other two, seemed only concerned about his own comfort, and he didn't seem to be bothered that he was crowding the rest of us. I thought of saying something to him, but decided it would be best to just try get along and make myself as comfortable as I could.


I was walking around in the upstairs of the House, when I realized I had entered into a helicopter which was somehow moored to the top or the side of the house. I had some vague recollection that the helicopter had been brought here for display purposes so that everyone at the House could tour it. The helicopter was quite large and had several rooms. I couldn't see much from where I was and thought I needed to go towards the front of the helicopter where I could look out the front window.

But suddenly I felt the helicopter move and I almost lost my balance. I rushed over to a side window, looked out, and saw that the helicopter had started to move and had already lifted off. I could clearly see the large blades moving above the helicopter. At first I was confused as to how this could have happened but then I saw something else: a second large helicopter was passing over my helicopter. And I suddenly realized what had happened: the second helicopter was so strong that when it passed over me, it had sucked my helicopter up behind it. Although the force of the second helicopter had started the blades of my helicopter to start moving, there was no one piloting my helicopter, and I was just being pulled along under the second helicopter.

I immediately realized just how dangerous this was. With no one to pilot my helicopter, I was just careening along wildly behind the second helicopter. Realizing my only hope was to get to the controls (even though I had no idea how to use them), I raced forward to the front room. I rushed in and was surprised to see someone – a tall, lanky black-haired nerdy-looking fellow probably in his early twenties – sitting at the controls. I recognized this fellow as someone who had come to the House with the precise intention of learning how to fly the helicopter. But I also knew he as of yet didn't know how to fly and that he had only just begun to learn. In fact, he didn't even know that the helicopter was already air-borne.

I frantically hollered to him, trying to explain in a jumble what the situation was – that we had been sucked up into the air by the second helicopter and were being pulled in tow. He jumped up and we both raced over to a window and looked out. Now I could see straight ahead of us in the direction we were moving. I was shocked to see telephone and electric poles and wires all in front of us, and only small spaces to pass through between the wires. But somehow I thought the helicopter would be able to pass through, and indeed it did. Although I realized we were in dire danger of crashing, somehow we continued to move safely along.

I knew this was the chance for the black-haired fellow to show what he could do and to man the controls. But he seemed frozen, unsure what to do. It was almost as if learning to pilot the helicopter had been a game to him, but now that it was a reality, he didn't know how to react. Still, even though I knew he was inexperienced and unsure of himself, I thought he was the best hope we had of surviving.

But suddenly I realized that another fellow had walked into the room. This was an older man (probably in his 30s) who I immediately realized was an experienced helicopter pilot. He even seemed attired in a dark leather pilot's jacket. I had met the man before, although I didn't know him well. I thought that now, with the younger fellow and the new man working together, they might be able to bring the ship under control.

Then suddenly I was surprised by something else: a whole group of perhaps 40 people – mostly women and children – had entered the room where we were. They stood looking at us with perplexed and distressed faces. Obviously none of them knew how to fly. But it was clear now that their lives were also in danger. Now it was more necessary than ever to get the helicopter under control.

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