Dream of: 17 May 1996 (2) "Clarity"

I was thinking about something I had read in some of the dreams of Jacobs (whose dreams I had read on the alt.dreams newsgroup). In his dreams, Jacobs had often referred to a person named "Deb." When I had first encountered this name, I had thought it belonged to a female and was short for "Deborah," and thus I had related the named to a woman. At some point, however, I had learned that "Deb" was actually the shortened form of some obscure American Indian name, and that it actually belonged to a man. Now when I read Jacobs's dreams and came across the name, I associated the name with a large muscular Indian (about 25 years old) with long black hair.

But I wondered how many other people who read Jacob's dreams actually knew that Deb was a male Indian. Since Jacobs normally didn't make that fact clear when he wrote his dreams, most people probably still thought "Deb" referred to a woman. I had noticed this lack of clarity in other aspects of Jacobs's dreams, and although I had come to understand Jacobs's dreams fairly well because I had been reading them for so long, I thought most people might be confused by some of what they were reading, and I thought it would help other people understand the dreams better if Jacobs were to clarify some things a bit more.

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