Dream of: 15 May 1996 "Comedy Club"

I was sitting in a comedy club with two friends – an attractive woman with long brown hair (probably in her mid 30s) and a thin fellow with short black hair (probably in his early 20s). The woman was married, and her husband (who very much resembled my brother-in-law) had originally come to the club with us. Only after we had been seated in the club for a while did I realize her husband had left. When I inquired what had happened to him, I was told that he had left to go camping in the mountains (apparently somewhere in the Appalachians in West Virginia) and that he wouldn't be returning to the club. In fact he would be gone all weekend, leaving his wife alone.

I was surprised myself at how glad I was to hear this news. But suddenly it was very clear to me just how taken I was with the brown-haired lady, who was now sitting right next to me on my right. Although I hadn't planned for anything like that to happen, I now realized that with her husband gone, it was possible that I could spend the night with her and make love to her.

I had somehow known this woman for a while but I had never actually gone anywhere with her like that. In a way it was strange that I had conceived the feelings I had for her. I had originally thought she and I would just be friends, but somehow this overwhelming passion had developed in me. Just sitting next to her enflamed me. I knew it wasn't right that I would be having such thoughts. But I was already past the point when it made any difference whether it was right. I wanted to make love to her in the worst way, and if it was possible, I was going to do it.

Although the woman was coy, clearly she knew what was on my mind. In fact, someone began talking about my desires in a joking way, and I laughingly said, "I'm a selfish bastard."

I meant what I was saying. I knew one of my trademarks was my selfishness. This topic had come up before and it was no secret. However, as far as the woman was concerned there was more to the story. Although it was true that my central concern was my own desires and how to satisfy them, I had developed a strong emotionally caring feeling for the woman.

Besides that, the woman knew a great deal about me. She knew I was a selfish bastard and I thought she accepted me that way. So I wasn't deceiving her. Although I was still uncertain about how she really felt about me, and whether she wanted to make love with me, I thought she had also quickly developed strong feelings for me, even though she knew how I was. As to what would happen if we made love that night, I couldn't say. Maybe it would just be a one night affair and we would never be involved again. I only knew at least for that one night I was overwhelmed with desire for her.

Meanwhile, quite a bit of activity was taking place around us. It was apparently still early and the comedy show hadn't actually started. In fact we were some of the first people to arrive. There was a stage in the middle of the room, and as other people began taking their seats, I realized we were sitting rather far back, and I thought it would be better if we moved closer to the stage. At about the same time I was thinking that, it was announced that everyone in the room should stand up and move. We did so and when we took new seats, we were right next to the stage.

Once I had sat back down, I reflected how unusual it was for me to be at a comedy club. It seemed that I had been to one before, but it had been so long ago, I couldn't even remember when it had been. At any rate, I was happy to be there and I was having a good time. I put my arm on the back of the chair of the brown haired lady, who again was sitting next to me on my right. I caressed the back of her neck with my thumb and she didn't stop me. It looked as if it were going to be a good night.

Suddenly the stage exploded with activity. A group of singers – perhaps 30-40 – had suddenly appeared on the stage and were blaring out a song that sounded a bit like gospel music. I couldn't make out the words, but it had the tune of a song by the musician Paul Simon titled "Gone at Last." But what was most entertaining was the actions of my other companion, the young black-haired fellow who was with us. He stood up, went to the front of the stage and joined in the singing. In fact, he became the central figure. He was dressed all in white, like with some kind of tuxedo with a jacket with tails. He might have also had a cane. At one point he bent down on one knee and threw open his arms (reminiscent of something I had seen somewhere, like Al Jolson portraying a black singer in the 1920s singing "Mammy"). It was quite a sight, and I was taken by surprise that our young friend was such an accomplished entertainer.

As the fun progressed, another fellow joined our little party and partook of our merriment. He was probably in his early 30s, and was also dressed in white and had black hair. He stayed with us for quite a while, and I was enjoying his company, along with everything else which was happening. The actual comedy show hadn't yet started, but would begin soon. I was just a little concerned now that we were too close to the stage, that when the comedian came on we might have to stand up and take part in the act, but I wasn't terribly worried and thought if necessary I would just go along in good fun.

Suddenly the new fellow who had joined us stood up and asked me and the brown haired woman if we would come with him for a moment. I was uncertain what he wanted, but we both stood up and walked with him. He led us to a room over to the side and we walked in. From inside the room I could see that one wall was covered with a window through which all the activities in the club could be clearly seen.

A thin man wearing a police uniform immediately stood up from a chair, walked over to me and ordered me to turn down the cuffs of my pants. I looked down at my pants. I was wearing a pair of black dress slacks which indeed had cuffs at the bottom. At first I didn't understand, but then in a flash it became clear what was going on. The policeman thought I might have some drugs stashed in my cuffs, and he intended to search me.

I was quite indignant and found the entire scene reproachfully humiliating, especially in front of the woman. I angrily answered that I wouldn't turn down my cuffs. Although I knew I didn't have any drugs, I had no intention of letting this jerk search me. The police officer started toward me, but then stopped in his tracks. I growled, "I'm a lawyer. Where's your probable cause?"

The officer looked confused, abashed. I again demanded the reason for the search and demanded that he tell me what probable cause he had. It was immediately clear that he had no probable cause and that he was just working on a hunch. I angrily continued my attack on them. I continued, "If I had any drugs I wouldn't bring them in here. I haven't used any drugs in seven years."

To myself, I thought I was unsure that I hadn't used any drugs in seven years. I knew it was true that I didn't use drugs any more, and that I hadn't taken any in a long time, but I was unsure whether I had gone seven years without doing anything. At any rate, the point was that I certainly didn't have any drugs on me now.

It became obvious that the police officer wasn't going to do anything; we were free to go. The woman and I turned to leave the room, but then I stopped. I stepped back to the police officer and told him that he could check my cuffs if he wanted. Now that it was clear that he wasn't going to try to force me to submit to a search, I thought there was little harm in letting him actually see that I didn't have any drugs. But he seemed to have lost interest. He had sat back down and didn't seem to want to make the effort to get back up.

So I turned to the other fellow, the fellow who had appeared to befriend us and then had brought us back here. He was standing against the wall. I looked at him with complete disgust and said, "So all that friendliness out there was just a front? Well, you're a good actor."

He looked sheepishly at the ground and I thought I heard him mumble, "Fine."

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