Dream of: 12 May 1996 "Country Road"

I was walking along a country road, headed for the Gallia County Farm, when I paused in front of the garage of a house which was sitting beside the road. Right inside the garage were some things which had been set out for sale. Seeing two items which interested me, I quickly walked over and began examining them more closely.

One item was a black vacuum cleaner. It was round and stood about a foot high, with the hoses coming off from it. It seemed in good condition. The second item was a stack of National Geographic magazines about a meter tall.

As I was trying to decide whether I should buy the sweeper and the magazines, an attractive thin woman (about 30 years old) walked out of the house and into the garage. She told me she wanted $10 for both the sweeper and the magazines and I decided to take them. I then looked more closely at the sweeper to be sure I would know how to operate it. It had a dazzling array of buttons on it and I was unsure what they all meant. Several of the buttons had a single letter beside them and I figured out that the letters stood for the first letters of different languages (for instance the letter "S" stood for Spanish) so that the sweeper could be operated in various languages. I asked the woman if she still had the instructions, but of course she didn't.

As soon as we consummated the deal, the woman seemed impatient to return to the house. She mentioned that she needed to hurry because she had to get ready for a date which she had that night. I was surprised that she would be going on a date since I had the feeling she was married and I said, "You're not married?"

I could immediately tell that the woman was put on the defensive by my question. She didn't know who I was and we were out in the middle of nowhere. She obviously didn't want to tell me that she was living alone without a husband out here. So she avoided the question and gave some vague reply. She then quickly excused herself and headed back up to the house, which sat to the side of and up above the garage and was reached by a wooden stairs. The stairs ended on a wooden deck on the back porch, and after the woman had climbed the stairs and gone into the house, I saw some children come out onto the deck. Altogether four small children walked outside. I quickly concluded that the children belonged to the woman and that the woman was probably recently divorced. Another woman, and then a third woman, walked out onto the deck. I thought they must be friends of the first woman and were visiting her. So at least the first woman wasn't completely alone out here in the country.

But I had more to think about than the woman. I needed to gather together my new possessions and head on down the road. But now I began to wonder about the wisdom of my decision. I was on foot and I still had about ten miles to walk. Part of the way I would be traveling over a gravel road. A muddy creek ran along beside the road almost all the way, and I could feel the creek even now, just below the house. I would be walking alone, through the forest, along the creek.

All of which meant that there would be no one to give me a ride, and I would now have to carry these heavy items all the way. Fortunately I just happened to have my sturdy red dolly with me. I thought I could at least load the magazines onto the dolly, and if I could just steady them there, I hopefully would be able to manage. I found a flat cardboard box which I put on the bottom of the dolly and then I began stacking up the National Geographics. As I loaded them, I noticed there were also a couple recent issues of People magazine, one of which had a picture of the actress Sharon Stone on the cover.

When I had finished I also noticed lying nearby a few old issues of People (probably 20 years old) and a few old issues of Rolling Stone, back when Rolling Stone was in newspaper format. It looked as if the old magazines were trash and would just be thrown away. I thought I would also like to have them. I liked to look at pictures of celebrities on the covers of old magazines, and then compare them with pictures on newer magazines. For instance I began imagining a cover photo of the actor Nicholas Cage of 20 years ago, thinking how it would contrast with a modern cover photo.

I thought about just going ahead and taking the old magazines. But then I decided I had better not do it. I hadn't actually paid for those, and I didn't want to take them without permission. And I didn't want to call out the woman again and ask her about them. Besides, I was going to have enough trouble the way it was making it to the Farm with all I had to carry.

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