Dream of: 10 May 1996 "Boxing Match"

I was in a prison which felt as if it might be in Iran or in Russia. I was led by an official into a large hall where perhaps 100 people were gathered. Inside the hall was a boxing ring where boxing matches were held. It was becoming clear that I was supposed to take part in a boxing match, even though I knew I didn't know how to box. I asked the official if I would be set free if I took part in the match, and he indicated that I would.

He led me to a seat at the back of the hall and I sat down. I was already wearing black boxing gloves, and as I sat there looking at them, announcements were made about the upcoming fights. The announcer apparently was asking for volunteers for the first fight. I didn't want to go first, but the official at my side volunteered me. I again asked him if I would be set free if I took part in the fight. This time he hedged, leading me to believe that it was uncertain that I would be set free.

I looked at the ring and saw that the other boxer was already seated there. He was only a kid (probably no more than 15 years old). But he was huge, probably a foot taller than I. I probably wouldn't have a chance. My arms felt weak, as if they were just hanging from me. And I knew I didn't know how to fight. Maybe, however, I could deliver a quick uppercut, if I could just get the strength in my arms. Or maybe I could give him a quick backhand. But that might not be a good idea since I thought backhands might not be allowed.

I walked toward the ring. I asked the official if I should take off my shirt and he said yes. I was wearing my long sleeved brown shirt, and to take it off, I first had to take off the gloves. I did so, and when I had the brown shirt off, I was left wearing the white tee shirt which I had on underneath.

But then I noticed something else. In a leather sheaf, strapped to my belt, I was wearing a hunting knife about 20 centimeters long. I knew having a hunting knife in prison wasn't permitted and I had forgotten I had it on. I quickly put the brown shirt back on and covered the knife. I looked up at the kid in the ring and saw that he was staring intently at me. I just wanted to climb into the ring and get the whole thing over with.

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