Dream of: 08 May 1996 "New Home"

Carolina and I had moved into a new home, a white frame bungalow similar to the House in Patriot. We were in the process of getting settled in and making a few repairs. At the moment Carolina and I were in the two car garage, looking at the garage door. I noticed that several electric cords were hanging down from the ceiling near the railings which the garage door slid on overhead. The garage doors were automatic, and I thought the wires were part of the electrical system for the doors. But clearly the wires couldn't be allowed to just hang down from the ceiling that way, and I began trying to see if there was some way I could fix them.

As I began fiddling with the wires, I discovered that one white cord was just an ordinary electrical extension cord which was plugged into another extension cord, but which wasn't being used for anything. So I took it down. I thought a second white cord might also be an extension cord, but upon closer scrutiny I figured out that it was part of the electrical system for the door, so I pulled it up and fixed it so it wouldn't be hanging down.


I was standing in the living room of the house. It was probably about 30' by 15' in size, and would have corresponded to the dining room and kitchen of the House in Patriot. The room was bright and seemed happy and full of life. I was looking toward the wall at one end of the room, where I had already arranged some of my things on shelves. The wall itself was painted bright red, and the shelves came about half way up the wall. On the shelves I had stacks of books and magazines which I had collected. I was glad I had accumulated so many things and that I was able to keep them in such good order. I knew I had collected quite a few unusual things over the years, things which I hadn't really put to use. But now I felt that my collections were starting to make some sense and that I would get a lot of enjoyment from them.

The top shelves were still empty and I wondered what I would put on them. I had some statues which I thought might go well there. Or I could put a television there. We had several televisions and we normally had a television in almost every room. But I remarked at how good this room felt without a television, and I thought perhaps I wouldn't put a television in this room.

I had quite a few paintings and I had already hung some on the left side of the wall at which I was looking. But the right side had a large empty space, and I pondered what I would hang there. I had one nice painting of a lake in a forest which I thought might go well there.

As I continued to look at the wall, I stretched out on my back on a couch and took in the whole room. I felt so happy and comfortable here. For once I didn't feel plagued by responsibilities, and I could look forward to the enjoyment of living here.

As I lay there, a woman walked into the room. Although I was only wearing a pair of white undershorts, I didn't move or attempt to cover myself, because I knew the woman was a doctor, and I thought she would later be examining me. She was a tall black-haired woman, probably in her late thirties. She was dressed all in white. I knew that this woman was actually Carolina's doctor, and that the doctor was one of the benefits which Carolina received from the place where she worked. However, as Carolina's husband, I thought I would also be entitled to use the doctor, although I wasn't completely sure that was permitted. At any rate, as the doctor stood there looking at me, I indicated that I would be ready for the check-up whenever she wanted to do it.

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