Dream of: 30 April 1996 "Centrifugal Force"

While visiting my mother in Portsmouth, I decided I was going to go to a lake and take a ride in a submarine which I had stored at my mother's. I loaded the submarine into the car and drove off. The submarine was a long cylinder around two feet in diameter and about 40-50 feet long. Nevertheless I was able with little difficulty to load the silver-colored sub inside the car, with part of it sticking out the front of the car where the front windshield should have been.

I began driving east from Portsmouth, in the direction of Sciotoville or Wheelersburg, where I thought the lake was. But as I was passing through New Boston, I decided I would first like to stop and get a bite to eat. I pulled up to what I thought was a restaurant situated on a corner of the street on the east end of New Boston. I got out of the car and walked inside.

The establishment was indeed a restaurant, with a soda bar on one end. It had a hard wood floor and resembled something out of the 1950s. I walked over to one of the booths against the wall and sat down. Looking around I noticed most of the clientele seemed to be teenagers, and I concluded that this was a popular hangout; it seemed I had even heard as much before. Since I thought I used to know some people who lived not far from here, I looked around for a familiar face, but saw no one I knew. However, I did notice quite a few attractive women in the place, and they all seemed available. Most people seemed young, and they didn't seem very intelligent. I quickly concluded I must be the most intelligent person here. I also noticed a mirror in which I could see myself. My face looked particularly bad, as if it were red and pock-marked from acne.

Suddenly I heard someone walk up behind me and say, "Collier?"

I immediately recognized the voice and even before I turned around I knew it belonged to Jon. As he walked around to face me, I invited him to sit down and join me. He readily took a seat across from me and we began talking. He had a smile on his face and seemed glad to see me; and I was glad to see him. I soon learned that he often stopped in this place, although like I, he didn't know any of the people who hung out here. I explained to him that I was going to go on a submarine ride and that I had just stopped in for a quick meal. I asked him if he wanted to join me for a ride in the submarine. He seemed delighted by the idea and quickly accepted. I thought the ride would be even more fun with him along.

As we were talking, I gradually became aware that two girls (probably 14-15 years old) were also sitting in the booth with us. One, sitting right next to me on my left, had raven-black hair. Once I was aware of her presence, I could hardly take my eyes off of her, she was so beautiful and alluring. I gradually opened a conversation with her. As we talked, I realized the girl thought I had a motorcycle out front, and she even asked me what kind of motorcycle I had. I had to set her straight and explain that I didn't have a motorcycle, but a submarine. I thought I might invite the two girls to join Jon and me in a submarine ride, and I finally asked, "Do you want to go for a ride?"


I was standing at the counter at the back of the restaurant, waiting to pay for my meal. As I looked around, I saw a couple more females with black hair, and I blurted out, "Everybody in here has black hair."

As I got ready to pay, I noticed some doughnuts sitting on the counter and I thought I might buy some. When I saw that the doughnuts were 10 for $2.48, I thought it was strange that the doughnuts weren't being sold by the dozen. But that wasn't the only strange thing which I noticed. When I turned back around to again look at the people in the room, I saw that they were all staring at one wall, on which there was a movie screen. On the screen was being shown an episode of the old black and white television series "The Adams Family."

As I looked at all the people staring transfixed at the screen, I suddenly realized everyone in this room was quite insane. But what was worse, I realized that by being in the room, I was also going insane. If I didn't get out immediately I might never be able to escape.

As I hurried toward the door, I was beset with a new problem: some kind of force seemed to be pulling me back, keeping me from leaving the room. It was like the centrifugal force of the spinning carnival ride when you spin around and the floor goes out from under you and you're held against the wall. I made it to the door and opened it, but I couldn't get outside. However I saw Jon standing just outside the door. Only now I was thinking that he was my old high school friend, Anderson, and I hollered out his name.

He was so close to me I was able to grab onto one of his legs; he was wearing blue jeans. Once I had hold of his leg, I was able to pull myself out. By now I was lying on my stomach. Not bothering to get up, I began quickly sliding across the street on my stomach, finally reaching the car.

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