Dream of: 26 April 1996 "Astronaut's Wife"

As I was walking around a house where a sale was taking place, I found a display of something which looked like a model of a lunar vehicle. I touched the vehicle and was able to move it back and forth. I also noticed a picture of a man near the vehicle and I realized the man in the picture was an astronaut.

A woman (probably in her early 30s) had stepped up on my right and was standing next to me. She was wearing tight-fitting slacks and a shirt. I said to her, "May I help you?"

She simply stood there and didn't answer me. I began to think she might live here and that she didn't want me looking at the model. When I continued talking to her, and I asked her what she thought about the model, she began describing the vehicle in detail, emphasizing its power.

I thought she was going to tell me more about herself. I recalled having read a novel about a woman married to an astronaut, and this woman seemed almost exactly like the woman in the novel. I tried to remember the author of the novel and I thought the novel might have been written by Norman Mailer, but I was unsure. I wanted to recommend the novel to the woman.

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