Dream of: 09 April 1996 "At The Ball Park"

I had gone to a ballpark to watch a major league baseball game. There were four of us – my date and I, and another man and his date. My date was a slender, black-haired sexy woman probably in her early thirties. She was wearing a short white dress which accented her gorgeous legs.

The four of us were all seated together with me being the farthest on our left and my date sitting next to me on my right. We were sitting in the bleachers in the vicinity of first base. I had an excellent view of the whole field and could clearly see home plate. As the game began I thought I was going to be able to thoroughly enjoy myself.

However I soon discovered a couple problems. First a woman who was sitting right behind me kept pressing on me in an irritating fashion with her feet and knees. It was quite distracting, and I thought I was going to have to say something to her. Second, and worse, was the fellow who was sitting right next to me on my left. He was a large corpulent man who kept leaning forward and blocking my view as he tried to see home plate. If he continued sitting that way, I wouldn't be able to see any of the game.

As a ball was suddenly hit and whizzed by us, I abruptly realized that there was no protection between us and the batter, and that it was possible that I could be hit by a flying ball if I didn't pay attention. At the same time I also realized that it would be possible to catch a ball if it were hit in our direction, and I immediately resolved to try to do so, especially since I thought my date would be impressed if she were to see me catch a ball.

Suddenly a ball was hit by the batter and I saw that it was headed straight toward us. I jumped to my feet. Our seats were right in front of the railing, and as I leaned over the railing, I could see that the ground was probably 20 meters below me. I could also see that the trajectory of the ball was going to be right in front of me. However unless I reached out farther, I would miss the ball. So, I quickly jumped up on the railing, precariously balancing myself, reaching for the speeding ball – which sped right past me, just out of my reach.

In my attempt to catch the ball, I lost my balance, and before I could stop myself, I toppled over the edge of the railing. As I found myself floating down through the air, all I could see was whiteness. It was as if my eyes were closed, but instead of black I saw white. I felt myself moving down slowly, and I knew I was controlling the speed of my descent. I knew I had this particular floating ability, which I normally only used for pleasure, and not in emergencies such as this. I also knew I needed to concentrate on the floating, or I might lose control and go crashing to the ground. However it was somewhat difficult to concentrate since I couldn't see anything and I didn't know how far away the ground was. It would be easy to simply let my mind relax. But I maintained my concentration.

Suddenly I felt my toes touch the ground and I landed as lightly as a feather. I could immediately see again and I looked around me to get my bearings. I saw that I needed to turn to my right and walk back around the corner to find the stairs back up to the bleachers. I quickly headed off in that direction, walking around to the side and away from the field.

As soon as I had made it to the side of the stands, I ran into a person whom I immediately recognized: Carla Tortelli (the character played by the actress Rhea Perlman in the television series "Cheers"). She was dressed in a tight gray pullover top and jeans which accentuated her figure. I was surprised to see her here at the game, because I recalled that before I had come to the game I had invited her to come with me. It was only after Carla had declined my invitation that I had arranged the date with the other woman.

I quickly asked Carla why she had told me she couldn't come to the game with me, and then had come anyway. She was a bit hesitant, but then she told me. She said that she had known that I didn't really care anything about her and had only asked her to be polite. She explained that she understood that I didn't consider her to be attractive enough for me, that I thought of myself as being above her, and that she wasn't really the kind of person with whom I would ever get involved.

My thoughts were somewhat confused. It seemed as if what she was saying was true – basically I did think of her as being beneath me and that I would never get involved with her. However now that I was standing next to her, I didn't feel that way at all. She didn't seem like the Carla I had always pictured in my mind, but a vibrant, happy woman full of life. Her rosy cheeks, her frizzy clean hair, her beaming smile, all seemed compellingly attractive to me. What was more, only now did I realize just how sexy Carla really was. I almost felt giddy at the thought of being with her, realizing now at last just what a wonderful person she really was.

I began trying to express my feelings for her and she seemed to immediately comprehend that now I was being genuine, that I really was attracted to her, and I could immediately tell that she also wanted to be with me. As we had been talking I had managed to lie down on my back. Carla moved closer to me, put one leg on the other side of me and started to lower herself down on me so that she would be sitting on my crotch, facing me. Suddenly I realized I had an erection, and that if she sat down on me she would feel it. I quickly blurted out that if she sat there, she might get more than what she bargained for. But she didn't seem to mind, and as she lowered herself onto me, I pulled her closer, immensely happy to have her in my arms.

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