Dream of: 07 April 1996 "Heart Trouble"

I was sitting in a chair on a large patio at the rear of someone's home. Gradually other people began showing up and sitting together in small groups of five or six people. I knew it had been pre-arranged for the people to come here to meet in groups like this, although I wasn't completely sure what they were going to do in the groups. I thought they might be meeting to play some board games, or that they might be intending to meditate together.

I wasn't particularly interested in joining one of the groups myself, and I thought I would prefer to sit off by myself. However before I could say anything, several people suddenly sat down around me in a circle. There were about five of us altogether. I was the only one sitting in a chair, while the others sat on the ground. As I glanced at the others, two of them in particular caught my attention. One was a woman who, although she had her back turned to me, was clearly a nun. She was wearing a long dark gray coat and had dark hair. The other person I saw was a slender black-haired man (probably in his early 30s) with big black eyeglasses. The word "nerd" came to mind as I looked at him. Although none of the people in my group seemed the kind of folk with whom I would have anything in common, I gradually began to accept my place in the group and felt comfortable being in it.


The meeting had ended, all the groups on the patio had broken up, and everyone was leaving. During the time I had been there, I had learned that a couple physicians were among the people who had gathered on the patio. I thought I would like to talk with them, because I was thinking it would be a good idea for me to have a physical check-up. I had never gone to a physician to have a thorough check-up, but I was getting to the age where I thought it might be a good idea. In particular I was concerned about my heart. I had heard that one of the physicians was a heart specialist, and for some reason I was thinking that I should have my heard examined, that there might be something wrong with it.

But instead of with the doctors, I began talking with a black man who had been in one of the groups. He began telling me that he often made trips to Mexico to sell magazines down there. Apparently he would take large loads of magazines to Mexico and then sell them on the street. I thought I had a bunch of magazines I would like to sell, and so I began questioning him about his business. I finally concluded that he would simply go to the market area and without even having to obtain permission would find a place where he would begin selling his magazines. I thought I also might like to try such an endeavor. I especially thought that comic books might sell well in Mexico and that I had some comics which I could take down there. But I also wondered about just how practical such a trip would be. It seemed to me that there surely must be high transportation costs for hauling the magazines all the way to Mexico. I simply couldn't see how it would be profitable.

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