Dream of: 04 April 1996 (3) "Quick Meal"

I was sitting at a booth in a restaurant. I had been on my way somewhere when I had stopped at the restaurant, thinking I would dash in for a quick meal, and then go on. But I had already been waiting for about ten minutes and the waitress still hadn't come.

Finally she walked up to the table. She was a slender black-haired woman (probably in her mid 40s). I quickly told her what I wanted – some vegetables and a desert, no meat. As soon as I ordered, I decided to walk out front and check on my pickup truck, which I had parked in front of the store. I also wanted to see if Chuck Bacheller was anywhere to be seen, because I knew I was supposed to meet him. (Chuck is a man who occasionally does some handy-man work for me on my house).

The booth where I had been sitting was in a room in the back of the restaurant. To get to the front I had to walk through a second room where people were sitting and eating at a counter. I walked past the people and out the front door. There was my 1966 Ford pickup sitting right in front of me. I walked over to it, slightly touched it, and managed to push it over onto its side. About the same time, I saw Chuck pull up in his car on the other side of the truck.

I quickly asked Chuck if he would like to have a bite to eat before we went on. He didn't seem interested in eating, but indicated it would be all right. I turned to go back inside and told him to come on in after he pushed my truck back over on its wheels. I thought he would be able to do that by himself without any help.

I walked back inside and up to the counter, looking up and down behind it for my waitress. I already had in mind what I was going to say, "Double everything." By that I meant that she should give us a second order of everything I had ordered for myself. But although I saw several other waitresses behind the counter, mine was nowhere to be found. I just stood there, continuing to look.

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