Dream of: 04 April 1996 "Unappetizing Fish"

I was in the large kitchen of what was apparently a mansion. A number of servants were busily preparing a meal, and I had decided to help them get a few things ready. Sitting on a table in front of me were several bowls of different kinds of desert, mostly small cookie-like cakes. My job was to mix several different kinds of desert together in various bowls. Someone explained to me that it was quite important that the deserts be mixed together – apparently the way they looked would make them more appetizing.

I set about my task with gusto and had soon accomplished my mission. There was even a bowl of pudding with sliced bananas in it, to which I added some things.

When I had finished, a man who appeared to be in charge of the kitchen came over, looked at the bowls and began gathering them up. He was dressed in a dark suit, perhaps a tuxedo. He was probably in his late 40s and resembled Sam Malone (the character played by Ted Danson in the television series "Cheers"). Once he had walked away with some of the dishes, I realized quite a bit of food was still left over. I also realized it must be the common practice of the servants to eat any of the delicious leftover food, and although I wasn't particularly hungry, I decided I would like to try some for myself. I tried several different types of the small cakes and found them delectable. My only concern was that I was eating too much and robbing the servants of their shares.

On one plate I saw a small whole fish – about four centimeters long. It looked like a miniature salmon, and had obviously been one of the delicacies which had been left behind. Although I was sure one of the servants would like to eat the fish, I decided to try it myself, and beginning with the tail, I took a bite. I chomped off about a third of the fish in my mouth and began chewing. But as I looked at the rest of the fish I was holding in my hand, I began to lose my appetite. I had obviously bitten through the intestinal tract, and in the middle of the severed body I could see a small string of something green – obviously the fish had been eating some green water plant before it had been caught. I realized with the next bite I would be into the stomach, filed with who knew what. Plus, as I looked at the fish, I saw that its head looked rubbery – very unappetizing. I was definitely considering putting the fish back down without finishing it.

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