Dream of: 02 April 1996 "Docking Space Ships"

I felt quite young, as if I were a teenager. I was living in a large modern two-story house with a family which wasn't my own, but which treated me well. While living here, I had begun collecting comic books and had carefully catalogued and arranged in large cellophane-protected folders many of the comics which I had.

As I was sitting in a downstairs rooms of the house, I was looking over about a dozen comics, ones which belonged to a group of comics called X-men. There were several different titles: X-men, X-Factor, X-Force, as well as others. Each book was quite thick and was actually hard-bound with the back binder about a centimeter wide. As I arranged the books in line on a shelf in front of me, I noticed something peculiar each book had part of a picture on its back binder. When placed next to each other, two or more books would match and form a complete picture. With the books I had I was able to form two complete pictures the faces of two members of the X-men. But the rest of the pictures on the other books were incomplete because I didn't have the complete set.

Suddenly I recalled that I had quite a few more X-men books upstairs and that with those I might be able to complete some of the sets and see the other pictures. I hurried upstairs, retrieved my other books and came back down.

When I had once again seated myself, however, I became occupied not with looking at the pictures on the backs of the books, but with an actual X-men story. It seemed as if I were reading the story and forming the images in my mind, but it also seemed so real that the characters in the story appeared to be right in the same room with me, as if I were actually watching in person what was going on.

The story, as I understood it, involved two different teams of X-men. Each team had sent a space ship up to orbit the earth, and the space ships were supposed to meet and dock in space. Each team had also left one member of their teams on earth as a contact for the teams in space.

The two men who had been left on earth (one for each team) were in the same large room, and I was watching the action in this room. Neither man was dressed up in a colorful costume the way an X-man normally was, and neither appeared strange or mutated in any way. However they both did seem strong and full of energy. Both men were probably in their mid 20s.

As I observed, it quickly became clear that something had gone wrong with the space docking mission. One ship had somehow gone off course for a while and wouldn't reach the docking site at the arranged time. The whole mission was going to be called off.

One of the two X-men in the room however didn't agree with this. He decided it would be possible to slow down the arrival time of his space ship by causing it to make an extra orbit. That way his ship would arrive at the prearranged location at the same time as the other ship. The problem was that he didn't have the authority to make such a decision, and it had already been determined that the mission would be scrapped.

The X-man who wanted the mission to continue decided to take matters into his own hands. When the second X-man who was in the room with him wasn't looking, the first X-man put his hand on a metal wheel, about the size and shape but much heavier of a normal steering wheel for a car. Realizing that he didn't have permission, but sure that he could succeed, the first X-man began laboriously turning the wheel, an action which would cause his ship to go into an extra orbit so it could still meet the first ship.

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