Dream of: 30 March 1996 "Ancient Teachings"

George Harrison was sitting next to me on my left on a couch, and the musician Ringo Starr was standing in front of us. The three of us had joined forces in hopes of writing a song together. I was surprised at how easy it was to get along with them, but I was still a bit dubious we would succeed in writing the song. However, they reminded me that they used to belong to the Beatles implying that they still had the talent.

I told Ringo I only had one question for him: I wanted to know what it was like to be so famous that he could have almost any woman he wanted. Ringo seemed to relish the question and responded that it was simply great.

I followed up the question by asking both of them if they had ever heard that there was a correlation between increasing one's will power and abstaining from sex. They both seemed quite surprised by the notion, as if they had never even considered it. I explained that I had heard of ancient teachings which claimed that a person could increase his will power if he would abstain from sex. They seemed to think that was a novel idea an idea which didn't much interest them.

I turned to Harrison. I reflected how he seemed a lot like me reticent, retiring, off to himself. I asked him if he had ever been turned down by a woman. He held up his index finger to indicate it had only happened to him one time. I wondered what that would be like to be able to look into a crowd of women and pick out any one I wanted to have sex with. I even began to imagine a scenario where the Beatles were riding in a parade, with thousands of women gathered along the parade route. The Beatles could pick out a woman at random and ask her to ride along with them. They could even tell her to undress down to her white bra and panties, and she would do it in front of everyone.

As I sat there looking at George, I suddenly realized that George was actually a woman. I also realized that he liked me enough that he wanted to have sex with me. I felt thoroughly confused to know that George was a woman. I didn't know if he had always been a woman or if he had had a sex change. He edged his face closer to me until finally he began kissing me with his large pouty lips. Still confused, I felt his breast, which definitely felt like a woman's.

He pulled back, lay down on the floor and took off his pants. But he left his shirt on. I wondered if he were ashamed of his breasts for some reason. They had felt a little saggy when I had touched them. I looked at his pubic area. I couldn't see it clearly, but it looked as if he didn't have a penis.

By this point I also didn't have my pants on. Yet I was still reluctant to go any further. Besides, in view of my confusion, I was unsure I could even get an erection. I reached down between my legs to touch my penis. I was surprised to feel that it was fully erect and ready to go. Yet I was still reluctant to continue. Besides, I wondered if Harrison really liked me, or whether this would just be a one night stand.

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