Dream of: 27 March 1996 "El Centro"

As I was sitting in the living room of a Mexican family, one by one, each member of the family rose, went to the kitchen, ate, then returned to the living room. Although I knew I had been properly invited to visit the family by a Mexican man who was in the room with me, no one ever invited me to go to the kitchen and eat, and after a while I began to feel somewhat insulted by their behavior. Finally I stood up and said I had to leave. Almost immediately they realized why I was leaving and that they had been inhospitable. They quickly invited me to go to the kitchen and have something to eat.


I was on a city street in Mexico City, Mexico. I wanted to go downtown and thought I could catch a bus, even though I was unsure how much the buses cost. But when I failed to see any buses, I began trying to catch a cab. However I was unsuccessful because all the cabs were full. One cab driver shrugged his shoulders as he passed as if he would have given me a ride if he had only had room.

As the cars whizzed by me, I noticed how much newer and nicer the cars seemed than the last time I had been in Mexico. I also recalled that when I had previously been in Mexico City I had walked down this same street many times. However, I was unsure of the name of the street, and I was also unsure how I would give directions to the cab driver to take me to where I wanted to go. I thought I would simply tell the driver to take me to "el centro." And in thinking it over I could visualize a map in my mind, and I knew there was one particular two-block area which was a bad part of town which I wanted to avoid.

I continued walking down the street until I noticed a stalled tractor out in the street. Noticing a spare seat on the back of the tractor, and thinking I might be able to get a ride on it, I walked over to see what the problem was. The tractor was being driven by a woman, and a Mexican man was working on the tractor. When the man discovered the problem, he told the woman how much it would cost to fix it. The woman, speaking English, told the man that she had seen the piece needed for the repair advertised for a cheaper price in Playboy magazine. She said she was simply going to leave the tractor in the middle of the street and return for it later. I thought to myself that if she left the tractor in the street, there was a chance it would be stolen.

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