Dream of: 25 March 1996 "Take Care of Yourself"

I had entered a house were some of my relatives, including my grandfather Liston, were gathered. When I saw Liston, he seemed surprised, and not particularly happy, to see me. He acted as if I should have been here sooner. He seemed to think that things were taking place with which I should have been involved, and he seemed to be handing out a few possessions to some other relatives. Apparently he thought he would soon be leaving or dying.

My mother was also there and she told me to take a look at my brother Chris. I looked and saw Chris (13-14 years old) lying in a bed against the wall. As I went straight to Chris, I remembered I had had another brother who had died, and I was amazed that Chris was still alive. I sat down beside Chris and put my arms around his head. He had long hair. He looked pale and weak; obviously he was also dying. I said, "I love you Chris. I love you Chris."

He began talking and I tried to understand what he was saying. I remembered that when my other brother had died, he had said some things right at the end which I hadn't understood. So, if possible, I wanted to make sure that I understood what Chris was saying. I knew it was going to be important. Chris knew he was going to die. I was glad I had arrived in time before he died. He said, "Take care of yourself."

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