Dream of: 20 March 1996 "Old Flame"

Even though I was married and living with my wife Carolina, I had invited my old flame Carolyn (about 25 years old) to come and visit me. Under the circumstances I didn't believe she would actually come, but she did. She was quite pretty and her body was in excellent shape. I was strongly attracted to her, and when it came time to go to bed, I decided I would rather sleep with her than Carolina. The three of us were all in a bedroom which had two beds; Carolina was in one bed and Carolyn in the other. I asked Carolina if she minded if I slept with Carolyn, and Carolina said that would be fine. I was surprised by Carolina's response, but I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I slipped into bed with Carolyn.

I snuggled up to Carolyn, who was completely naked, and I began feeling her large breasts. I could tell Carolyn was a bit uncomfortable because Carolina was in the room, but I could also tell she was going to let me have my way with her anyway. I continued caressing her until I was ready to consummate the act. Just then Carolyn stopped me.

While I had been occupied with her, Carolyn had picked up a small box which contained some of my things. From the box she had extracted a small round brown object which I at first couldn't identify, but finally realized was a condom. I hadn't even thought of wearing a condom, and I had no intention of doing so now. I knew when I used to date Carolyn I had never worn a condom, and I knew I didn't have any diseases and I didn't think she did either.

However, to my surprise, Carolyn began insisting I put on the condom. I was really in no mood for this discussion. I was right in the middle of my aroused state, and I didn't want to fumble around with a condom – I just wanted to get down to business. I was caught in a fix – if I didn't put on the condom, if I lay here and waited, I was sure to lose my erection, and then we would never get anywhere.

Somewhat exasperated I took the condom from her (which wasn't in a package) and quickly rolled it on. I acted quickly so as not to lose my potency. Having thusly attired myself, and having ascertained Carolyn was satisfied, I rolled over on top of her and quickly pressed into her. She was gloriously tight, and I had to exert myself to push all the way in. Once inside, I began to speed up the action, becoming quickly flooded with pleasure. The only thing I was concerned about was to keep the commotion down to a minimum, so as not to disturb Carolina, whom I hoped had fallen off to sleep.

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