Dream of: 11 March 1996 "En Arche Aen O logos"

I was on the Gallia County Farm, up in the large back field, the field farthest from the Farmhouse. I was riding in the passenger seat of a large vehicle, either a truck or a tractor with an enclosed cab. My window was open and resting on the outside of the window was a tray (something like a tray from a drive-in restaurant). Lying on the tray were five or six books which I had brought with me to the field so I could study. Some of the books were open; the one on top was an open calculus book. The calculus symbols and formulas were spread all over the two open pages.

Lying on top of the books was also a single piece of paper which had obviously been photo-copied from a book. The paper was creased and worn, I had carried it around with me for so long. On it, written in Greek, was the first page of the book of the Gospel of John. I had long ago memorized the first verses of John in Greek and over the years had repeated them to myself hundreds and hundreds of times. Now once again I repeated the first words over in my mind, "En arche aen o logos ... en arche aen o logos ...."

Suddenly we hit a bump and a couple of my books flew off to the ground. I looked back at the place where they were lying on the ground, thinking I would walk back and pick them up later.

When the vehicle finally stopped, I got out and looked around. My father and several other men were gathered in the field. Everyone had come to the field to work, and I was going to help. One tractor was already busy going back and forth across the field.

As I stood looking around the field, I looked over toward Symmes Creek, which flows right next to the field. As I peered at the muddy water, I noticed a pile of sticks and brush floating lazily on the surface. Suddenly the pile began moving abnormally fast over the surface. I thought some animal, perhaps a beaver, must be under the brush, making the pile move. I knew there were beavers in this area, and I looked around for more signs. I saw something else move under the water, stirring up the mud, but I couldn't tell what it was.

Walls and Ramey were among the men who had come to work in the field. As I stood looking into the creek, they walked up next to me and began casting a line from fishing rods out into the creek, and then pulling the lines back in. After a short while they turned back toward the field and began casting their lines out into the field to practice their casting skills.

I told Walls I would like to try it and he handed me his rod. I tried to cast out into the field, but the line got all tangled up and I got nowhere. I looked at the tip of the pole and straightened out the line. Once again I pulled back the rod and cast. This time my line went flying perfectly out into the field right to where I had aimed it. Walls and Ramey were both clearly impressed. I wondered if we might find an old tire which we could put out into the field to have a contest to see who could throw the line into the tire. I thought I would probably win.

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