Dream of: 09 March 1996 (2) "Ipsen"

I had just gone into a locker room to change clothes, when I noticed that a woman had come into the locker room at the same time I had. She was slender, had long dark hair, and was probably in her early thirties. Although I didn't know the woman well, we were acquainted, and I had spoken with her before.

However, I didn't feel like speaking with her now, because I was discomfited by her presence in the locker room. Although both men and women were allowed to use the locker room, as far as I knew she was the only woman who ever used it, and even though I had seen her in the locker room several times, her presence there always made me uncomfortable.

Every time I had been in the locker room while the woman was there, I had always taken pains not to undress right in front of her. It seemed to me that the woman followed the same practice, because I had never actually seen her naked. So now it came as somewhat of a surprise when I looked over toward her and saw that she had undressed in my plain view. An upper locker door was open and partially blocking my sight so I couldn't see her from the waist up. But I could clearly see her from the waist down, and I stood gaping at her dark brown pubic hairs. I could also make out her labia, which seemed slightly larger than what I would have expected.

I also noticed that some fellow was also changing his clothes not far from where the woman was. The fellow had taken off his pants, revealing a particularly small penis. Although I couldn't see her face, I had the feeling the woman was looking rather disdainfully at the man's penis. I also had the feeling that she was waiting for me to undress so she could get a look at me. I thought to myself that if she saw me, I would at least not have to worry about my penis being too small.

But I still didn't intend to undress in front of her. Instead, I reached into my locker and pulled out a hard bound notebook and opened it up. I had been keeping written records in the notebook of my encounters with the woman, and I wanted to record what was presently taking place. But before starting to write down the present events, I glanced over my last entry. As I read, one word which I had written stuck out, because I didn't know what it meant. The word was "ipsen." I recalled that at the time I had written the word I had looked it up in the dictionary, but I still couldn't remember what it meant. Suddenly I realized what had happened. The dictionary had spelled the word wrong, confusing the letters. The word should have been spelled "penis."

Luckily I had written my previous entries in pencil, and I had a pencil with an eraser on it with me. I began erasing in the notebook. But I didn't just erase the one word, but commenced working on erasing a whole paragraph, which I intended to re-write. I labored on the erasing, hoping to get through before the woman left. But as I erased, I realized the woman had finished changing her clothes and was leaving. I wondered if she had noticed what I had been doing. She probably had wondered why I wasn't busy changing my clothes.

As I now looked around the locker room, I wondered if any other women might come in. Actually I wouldn't mind seeing some more. I saw two people standing not far away from me and for a minute I thought they might be women. They had their backs to me and it looked as if the were wearing bras. But then I realized they were both football players and that what they actually had on was some kind of football attire which had a white strap across the back like a bra. It looked as if there would be no more women in the locker room today.

I looked back at my notebook and began writing. The last word of the sentence I was writing was "penis," which for emphasis I wrote in large black letters, about twice the size of the other words, to show that this time I had spelled it right.

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