Dream of: 09 March 1996 "Moslem Girl"

I was in a Moslem country, in a public area crowded with people. Near me I saw two women dressed in long black veils which covered their whole bodies, including their heads and faces. Standing apart from the two women was another person obviously a girl dressed the same way. Sensing what was about to happen, I walked over to the girl and quickly told her that she must come with me. She obeyed and as we began walking away together, I looked back and saw that the two women were being arrested and taken away.

I didn't know exactly why I had done what I had done. But as soon as I had seen the two women and the girl, I had comprehended the situation. I knew one of the two women was the girl's mother, and the other woman was her older sister. I also knew we were in a repressive country, and all three of the females were about to be arrested. However it had suddenly occurred to me that the authorities didn't know the girl was actually with the two women, and that if I would step in and act as if the girl was with me, I could save her. I now hastened away with the girl.


I was in a hotel room with the girl. I told her to take off her veil. When she obeyed, I was surprised by what I saw. I had been expecting a typical black-haired, dark skinned Arab type. Instead, standing before me was a curly-haired blonde with blue eyes, dressed in typical western teenage clothes (perhaps 13-14 years old).

I immediately felt a sense of protective affection for the girl, and I knew I would do whatever I could to help her.

She seemed somewhat confused by what had happened to her, but she was obviously grateful for my assistance. To show her appreciation, she commenced to show me an unusual talent which she had. She bent her head back so that she was looking up into the air, and then she began to sing. Only it wasn't really singing, it was more like one high fluctuating tone which came out of her. It was enthralling. Her voice didn't sound human, but like something I had never heard before. I sat listening, mesmerized by the beauty of the sound, even more determined to help the girl.

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