Dream of: 01 March 1996 (2) "Dirt Bike"

I found myself standing on the rusty-brown dirt of an inside arena. The arena was shaped like an irregular "L," with the long side stretching perhaps 50 meters and the short side perhaps 30. There were no bleachers or places to sit around the perimeter of the arena, but only stark walls which rose to the ceiling.

At first I failed to see the purpose of the arena, but finally noticing some people riding dirt bikes, I concluded that the arena was designed for bike riders. I even saw one large mound of dirt which had been piled up in the arena so people could race with their bikes up the side of the mound and fly off the other side of the mound.

As I continued looking around, I noticed a dirt bike which nobody was using lying near me. I walked over, picked up the bike up and climbed on. The bike was about a meter and a half long and painted purple. I began pedaling it around the arena, surprised at how easy it was to ride. I kept increasing my speed until I was finally going quite fast. I noticed that the bar which went to the front wheel was only on one side of the wheel, rather than on both sides of the wheel like a typical bike. I thought this must be some modification to make the bike go faster.

As I raced around the arena, I kept watching other bikers tackle the mound of dirt, zooming up the side and then soaring over the top. The mound was quite large probably 10 meters high and had several different paths over it. I kept hesitating to tackle it, but finally I couldn't resist any longer and I aimed my bike toward the mound. As soon as I hit the mound, my speed slowed down and I had to struggle to the top. But once on top I realized I was going faster than ever. I raced over some bumps on top of the mound and felt my bike leave the ground. The feeling was far more exhilarating than I had anticipated and I felt in complete control. Still airborne I saw the down slop coming toward me. I deliberately went over the edge without touching the ground, reveling in the feeling of flight, confident that I could control the bike without crashing. I flew through the air all the way down the side of the mound, finally touching down near the bottom.

I again began circling around the area, still elated and proud of my performance. I noticed a couple men who looked as if they worked there walking around the arena. I thought they were looking at me, wondering who I was. They must have been impressed by my skill on the bike.

But I also wondered if they were aware that this bike didn't actually belong to me. It was a such a good bike, surely it hadn't been abandoned. The owner must be around somewhere and surely would return for the bike. I wondered if there was some way I could keep the bike. I didn't like the idea of stealing the bike, but it was such a nice bike, I didn't want to give it up.

But as I circled back toward the mound, intending to tackle it again, I began to realize that the bike now felt funny. Looking back behind me, I was surprised to see that the back wheel was gone. In fact the whole rear part of the bike was missing. I slowed to a stop, realizing that I couldn't ride a bike whose back half was gone. I tried to figure out what had happened. I concluded that the bike must have fallen apart when I had landed on the far side of the mound. That didn't really surprise me in a way. I knew I was always rough on things when I used them and I tended to break things with hard use. This was just another example of something I had pushed to the limits and broken.

I headed back toward the other side of the mound, thinking I might be able to find the parts to the bike and put it back together. And indeed, when I reached the spot, I saw several of the metal parts of the bike and picked them up. But I still didn't see the wheel anywhere. I looked and looked, but it was nowhere to be seen. I finally decided I was simply going to have to put back the bike or at least the pieces of the bike where I had found it. I just hoped no one would realize that I had been the one who had broken the bike.

As I walked back around the mound to take the bike back, I realized I could hear a voice coming from inside the mound. I heard someone talking about a "truck," and I even noticed that the mound seemed to be moving. Only slowly did I realize that there was apparently a truck underneath the mound, and it was used to move the mound around. As I continued to walk around the mound, I reached a part where part of the mound had been pulled back, revealing the inside of the mound. But I was surprised to see inside the mound not a truck, but a boat a white motor boat perhaps seven or eight meters long. I thought the boat must be in there to rock back and forth and make the mound rock. I thought the boat might be sitting on top of the truck and I tried to look into the darkness of the inside of the mound to see if I could make out the truck.

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