Dream of: 25 February 1996 "Nestling"

I was in the lounge area of Baylor Law School, standing in front of a mirror and looking at my hair. From the way the mirror was positioned, I was able to see the back of my head, and was surprised at how thick and full my hair looked. I was also surprised at how blond my hair was, especially on the tips of the hair. I thought perhaps I was confusing the blond hair for gray hair, but looking at the hair closely, I couldn't see any signs of gray. I also thought I might be starting to bald some on top, but again, when I looked, I saw no sign of baldness. I also noted that my hair was beginning to get rather long, already hanging over the ears. I thought I might just let it grow out long.

Having finished examining my hair, I began looking around the room, and was surprised by something hanging on the wall. What I saw was a large white poster board – perhaps a meter and a half long and a meter high. On the board was a series of lines and columns like a typical calendar. But this calendar was unusual because I immediately recognized that this was a copy of the work schedule which I kept on my computer. I clearly saw printed there for all the world to see all the things which I had scheduled to do.

My computer had the capability of printing out poster board like this, but I had never actually done it. And even if I would have done it, I wouldn't have posted my schedule there in the law school lounge for everyone to see. I especially didn't want everyone to see the next upcoming event on the calendar.

I quickly reached up and pulled down the calendar. But as soon as I had jerked it down, a tall black-haired fellow (probably in his mid 20s) walked up to me and politely insisted that I put the calendar on the wall. Obviously he worked there in the lounge and I thought he must have been responsible for putting the calendar up there.

He quickly explained why he wanted the calendar on the wall: it was an excellent example for other students to follow in order to organize their time. Now somewhat flattered, I told him that indeed my calendar had always worked well for me. I had developed it myself, and I told the fellow that I had never missed an appointment because of any mistake which I had made with the calendar. I told him however that I had missed appointments due to other people's mistakes in giving me information.

I was beginning to vacillate whether I should let the fellow put the calendar back on the wall. I didn't mind so much except for the first entry on the calendar. That entry showed some kind of two hour seminar about "peace and tranquility" which was going to be given in Houston. I hadn't actually planned to attend the seminar; I had simply received some information about it, and my computer now had the capability of incorporating such information into my calendar, and I had simply added it to my calendar. But now I was afraid if everyone saw the "peace and tranquility" event scheduled on my calendar, they would think I was actually going to go to such a thing. I didn't want people to think I was so gullible as to be interested in such nonsense. But finally, thinking maybe no one would notice, I handed the calendar back to the fellow and he hung it back on the wall.

Looking again around the room, I noticed on the opposite wall some artwork, artwork which I also recognized as something I had done on my computer. Here again I realized some of my computer artwork had been blown up to a large size and put on the wall.

However, one piece of art didn't belong to me. On the back wall was an unusual painting about two meters high and a meter wide. It had mainly red and orange hues. Looking at it closely I could discern four or five human figures which seemed to be standing in flames leaping up all around them. It looked as if the figures were trying to climb upward and get away from the flames.

I immediately related to this painting. I was just about to finish law school and I was in my last weeks. Just like the figures on the painting, I thought I had been in hell while I had been in law school. Only now at the thought that I was finally going to finish law school was I actually starting to come back to life. Still looking at the painting, I told someone standing near me that that was exactly how I felt.

An attractive woman (about 30 years old) dressed in white walked up and began talking with me. She obviously knew me, and I thought I had seen her before, although I wasn't completely sure. She had dark brown hair and a particularly good figure.

I was surprised when she asked me if I would like to go running with her. I thought I would like that. I was just surprised that she would be asking me that way. It was very unusual for a woman to simply come to me that way and ask me to do something with her.

I teased with her and said I might not want to go because I was afraid she would outrun me. Actually in the back of my mind, I was wondering whether she might indeed be able to outrun me. Although I had recently been doing some running, I was out of practice, and I typically didn't run that far. However, I finally told her I would go and I asked her when she would like to go. She told me we could go on the following evening. I asked her if nine o'clock would be all right and she said she didn't want to go that late. I suggested that we go at seven o'clock and she said that would be find.

But as soon as I had agreed upon seven o'clock, I realized something: I had previously agreed with my wife Carolina to go running the next day with her at seven o'clock. How was I going to arrange this? This woman probably didn't even know I was married, especially since I never even wore a wedding band. What would the woman think if I showed up with Carolina when I came to go running?

And as we separated, I realized one other thing: the woman and I had been standing so close that I had been resting my chin upon her shoulder and our cheeks had been touching. Had other people in the lounge area seen us? If they had, what would they think?

Just as the woman was about to leave, I asked her where she wanted to meet me. She said she would meet me in front, and she left. Only after she had departed did I realize that I didn't know whether she wanted to meet me in front of the law school or in front of the main entrance to the university. I called out to her and ran after her, but she was already gone. As I turned back I noticed that my white shirt was hanging out of my pants and I tucked it back in. I also noticed that I was wearing a belt with a large round buckle which was pulled all the way around to the side. I straightened up my belt, wondering if the woman had noticed my disarray.

After she had gone, a second attractive woman walked up and also began talking with me. Only when I began talking to the second woman, did I realize that the name of the first woman had been Terri. The second woman and I didn't talk long before I broke it off. When we were finished, I thought how extraordinary it was that two women would have approached me on the same day and started talking with me that way. I wondered why it had happened. I thought it might have had something to do with my being so close to finishing law school, and being therefore more highly regarded.

I walked out into a courtyard which was directly behind the lounge. Deciding I would like to stretch my body some, I got down on the grass and did a back stand, where I lay on my back and then raised my body perpendicular into the air so I was resting on my bended neck, holding up my back with my arms with my elbows on the ground.

Only my elbows and my neck weren't on the ground. Once I was in position, no part of my body was touching the ground; instead I was floating up above the ground. I knew I had this unusual ability to float when I wanted to. It felt great. I floated in the back stand position for a while, but then switched around to an upright position, still continuing to float around the courtyard.

As I floated around, I saw that the courtyard was surrounded by large tall trees. I flew back and forth from one tree to the next, thoroughly enjoying my maneuvers. But as I kept going higher and higher toward the top of the trees, I felt a gust of wind, and I was afraid it would blow me up above the tops of the trees and I would lose control. I knew that had happened to me once before – that I had flown too high and lost control – and I didn't want it to happen again. I was careful to stay within the range of the courtyard and well below the tops of the trees.

I wondered if anyone would come out and see me flying. It always surprised me that when people would see me flying they wouldn't recognize what an unusual ability this was. I always thought people would be amazed when they saw me fly, but that never seemed to happen.

Suddenly I heard someone scream at me. I looked below and saw a woman and her dog. I could also see a second dog running around the courtyard. The woman screamed up at me that I should stop scaring her dog. She then screamed up at me that I was afraid of her dog. That incensed me. I knew I was in no way afraid of her puny dog. I aimed my body at her and dove straight down to show my courage, landing right in front of her. When I landed, I saw that the dog was lying in some mud. It looked as if it were stuck and it made no attempt to move. I wasn't even sure it was alive.

But what most surprised me was the woman. She didn't look like a woman at all. Instead she looked like a tiny seal whose head was only about a centimeter in diameter. She was down on the ground and in fact the bottom of her body was in the ground so I couldn't see it. I had to bend down to listen to her.

As I looked at her and continued to hear her voice, I noticed something quite strange: her lips weren't moving. Yet I continued to hear her talking to me. Suddenly it occurred to me: she must be communicating with me telepathically. Could this be possible? I wondered if I could talk to her telepathically. I decided to try it. I looked right at her, and without speaking, I tried to communicate the words, "Can you hear me? Can you hear me?"

After repeating the sentence several times in my mind, it was beginning to be clear that she couldn't hear me. Yet when she began talking again without moving her lips I could hear her. It was clear that she could communicate to me telepathically, but that I couldn't do the same with her.

While this was going on, I noticed a lot of other noise around me. Finally I saw that right next to me was an old tree stump, and that some baby blackbirds and baby sparrows had stuck their heads out of the stump and were making a terrible fuss. I said something about the "nestlings." I thought the word "nestling" was a particularly apt word to describe the baby birds. It was a word which I had rarely if ever used before, but with which I quickly became attached. I thought all the commotion I had been making had stirred up the nestlings, and I said, "Well, that explains why they're so riled up."

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