Dream of: 21 February 1996 (2) "Does Every Question Have An Answer?"

I was in a classroom with about 30 other students, all of us seated at small desks. We were all in the process of taking a test which had 80 questions. I answered the first seven questions, but when I came to question number eight I was stumped. The question had something to do with the "steppes" in Asia. I thought I had an idea of what a "steppe" was – something like a long flat area on a plateau – but I wasn't completely sure.

The question was multiple choice and had four possible answers. Four small pictures showed different kinds of horses. One picture was supposed to be picked as the answer to the question. I thought the fourth horse might be the right answer. It was smaller than the other horses and had long hair growing around its ankles. It seemed sturdier than the other horses. But still it didn't seem like the right answer. I wondered if any of the four pictures was the right answer.

The teacher interrupted the test and began talking for a while. When she finished I asked her if every question had an answer. She responded yes, and once again we began working on the test. But now I realized I might not have asked the right question. Maybe the actual answer was that none of the four answers was correct. I should have asked if that was also a possible answer.

I glanced over at a wristwatch on a person sitting near to me. I realized over 30 minutes had passed. I realized I only had a little more than a minute for each question and I was only on question number eight. I needed to speed up.

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