Dream of: 21 February 1996 "Hotel In India"

I had arrived at a hotel in India and had been given a bed. However I didn't have my own room and instead was in a capacious room with many other beds. There were about 10 beds arranged along the wall, and mine was the farthest one back in the corner. I was worried that some of my things might be taken if I left them here. I didn't remember what I had with me, but thought I might have brought a computer.

The room had a high ceiling, and I noticed that above the beds along the wall, were two more floors – like balconies – with beds on them. I also noticed that people were in the beds on the third floor, and all of them had blonde hair. I couldn't tell whether they were male or female.

I also noticed that on the wall opposite the beds were two movie screens. Each of them had the same movie playing on it: something with musician Michael Jackson in it.

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