Dream of: 09 February 1996 "The Greaser"

I was running with two other fellows who seemed like my junior high schoolmates Stevens and Walls. We were headed toward Charles Street in Portsmouth. When we reached Charles Street, we went to Stevens' house and walked inside. I sat down on the couch where a girl named Darlene was lying.

I asked the girl about Hurley. I knew that Hurley had been with us earlier, and that he had run off to his home. I asked the girl if Hurley still lived on Front Street. I thought I would like to visit the old area on front street where I thought Hurley lived. The girl said Hurley lived in a hacienda on Fourth Street.


Walls and I were in a building on front street, in the area where Ron Hurley used to live. It was a long building, something like a warehouse. When I finally found a fellow who apparently lived in the building, I asked him if anyone else lived here. He said he was the only one. I told the fellow a row of shacks used to be on this spot where the building now stood. Walls also remembered the shacks and he verified my statement. The area was much better now that the shacks had been torn down.

As I looked more closely at my surroundings, I was uncertain for what purpose the building had originally been used, but clearly the fellow was trying to renovate the building. At first I thought the building had probably been a warehouse, but walking through it, I noticed large fancy light fixtures which didn't seem right for a warehouse. I recalled some retail stores used to be in this part of town, and I thought perhaps part of the building had been used for a retail business, and part of it had been used for a warehouse.

As I walked on, I saw a shower area for workers. I also saw a large area covered with water. It looked as if the water were dirty, but it appeared that that area was also being fixed up.

Continuing to walk, I finally came to a separate room in the building which had been converted into a bar called "The Greaser." The words "The Greaser" appeared on a neon sign. I wondered if anyone ever came here. I thought I might come some night. It might turn out to be a nice out-of-the-way place to visit.

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